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Is it just me, or do you find yourself hitting the “Videos” tab a lot more when searching Google these days? Or perhaps you just go straight to YouTube, the world’s #2 search engine. Undoubtedly, online video is occupying an ever-growing chunk of the content consumption pie. And the reasons are obvious…

  1. Video makes learning easier.
  2. We come across things like this.

To that end, we’re all trying to learn how to “do” content marketing (better, smarter, faster…). So, the DivvyHQ team thought it might be fun to put on our curator hats, reach out to the content marketing industry’s top thought leaders, and compile a list of their favorite content marketing videos. We kept the parameters pretty broad. Videos could be practical or how-to focused. They could be a great example of branded video content. Or they could be something more thought-provoking within the content/marketing realm.

The videos we’re getting are A-MAZING.

To be honest, our team is learning just as much as you will, so now might be a good time to subscribe to this series.

Starting on Friday, August 5th (2016), we’re excited to kick off this weekly blog series (every Friday) that gives our subscribers an inside look at the best, most helpful, and most thought-provoking videos that have inspired and caught the attention of the top thought leaders in the content marketing industry. So far, we have killer favorites from the likes of (in no particular order):

I’m pumped to get this series kicked off, but I also think it’s important to give you a taste of what’s to come.

My Favorite Content Marketing Video: Brody Dorland

Rand Fishkin - The Early WF DaysBack when Moz was called SEOMoz, and before Rand Fishkin perfected the hipster hair/stash combo, I stumbled upon “Whiteboard Friday”, the now well-known video series on everything SEO. I rarely miss an episode and most are super-helpful in keeping me abreast of the latest Google algorithm changes and SEO best practices.

In 2014, Rand and the Whiteboard Friday crew posted a video that hit really close to home for me. As a former digital marketing agency owner, and now Co-Founder of DivvyHQ, I’ve been helping companies navigate the waters of content marketing for more than a decade. In the early days, it was much easier to gain traction and generate results (conversions, new subscribers, etc.) just by creating high-quality content. Today, it’s much harder. The digital world is noisy. Traction comes much slower. Companies won’t see results overnight, and they need to understand all the bits and pieces that are required to do content marketing the right way.

The Greatest Misconception of Content Marketing

As mentioned previously, a new favorite video post will be published every Friday until we run out of video submissions. If you’re reading this and have a favorite content marketing video that we should consider for the series, please submit it via our contact form and tell us why it was so valuable to you.

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