Content Collaboration Needs Simplification

Collaboration in action is a beautiful thing, but it’s not easily achieved. In content planning and production — with a multitude of roles, functions and specializations operating against tight deadlines — this challenge is magnified.

Writing, editing, strategy, design, SEO … content creation involves many players and spans several teams. All these moving parts need to consistently communicate to keep projects moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, this typically leads to two outcomes:

1. Too many meetings
2. A ridiculous amount of emails

Clearly, we need a better way. DivvyHQ delivers it.

Keys to Effective Content Marketing Collaboration

When it comes down to it, successful content collaboration needs to be two things: instant and constant.

Delayed updates and communication gaps are common culprits when projects derail. But it’s easy to see why these issues are pervasive: emails get buried in crowded inboxes, and busy teammates struggle to align schedules for meetings.

Instant and constant collaboration is difficult enough when everyone’s in the same building, focused on their own jobs. Add in remote workers, freelancers, contractors, and business partners …


This complexity calls for a simplified central platform where everyone can stay on the same page.

How DivvyHQ Powers Collaboration

The DivvyHQ feature suite is tailored to meet the collaborative needs of modern content teams. We like to call it the single source of truth: when anyone has questions about timelines, drafting statuses, or the latest project updates, they’ll always know where to look. Here are some of the ways DivvyHQ users collaborate efficiently through the platform:

Central Idea Repository
Every blog post, ebook, and video sprouts from the seed of an idea. Divvy’s repository serves as a garden for planting and nurturing these seeds. Everyone with the proper permissions can access, edit, and add to the collection, ensuring that your organization taps into the full creativity of its talent.

Shared Content Calendars
“When’s this due again?” Eliminate that question for good. Through the robust DivvyHQ content calendar, teams maintain collective visibility of schedules and deadlines. Every vital detail is always at your fingertips. Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to stay agile.

Real-Time Notifications
Keep everyone in the loop when things change or tasks get completed. Through the recent activity feed and email notifications, team members stay tuned into important developments as they happen. No manual effort required.

Content Asset Search
Finding whatever you need in an instant. The snappy searchability of DivvyHQ reduces the need to ask others where files are housed, or whether topics have already been covered.

One-Click Duplication
Of course, just because a topic has already been covered doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of further exploration. Repurposing content is a staple for content teams that want to squeeze every bit of juice from their high-performers. In Divvy, you can duplicate any piece of content with a single click, and then you’re ready to add your own spin.

Project Management Tools
With everything you need in one place, DivvyHQ provides the ability to manage an entire project centrally, without the need for disparate apps and tools. Team members can converse about specific tasks and actions right on the dashboard, so you’ll even be able to leave the email tab alone while in production mode.

Come Aboard and Collaborate With DivvyHQ

Silos and communication barriers are what prevent today’s content teams from reaching their potential, often leading to the whole being less than the sum of its parts. DivvyHQ is the wrecking ball that’s ready to knock down barriers and enable truly transparent collaboration. Take us for a spin with a 14-day free trial to experience all of these features first-hand. Or you can request a demo and we’ll be happy to show you how it all works.

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