Are you tired of dealing with content chaos?

Maybe it’s time to use a tool that’s built specifically for content, marketing, and communications teams. Planning, creating, and publishing content consistently is REALLY hard. You could try using a “one-size-fits-all” project management tool. Or, you could use a content marketing platform created specifically for you.

Automate and simplify your content planning and workflow with Divvy. Take your content operation by the horns.

The chosen content marketing platform for companies large and small. Learn why they trust DivvyHQ ›

DivvyHQ helps content marketing teams in large and small companies.

Why do the top content marketers use Divvy?

Divvy is a highly specialized platform that will help you manage the most important stages of your content development process, including strategy development, ideation, planning, production workflow, and collaboration.

With so many powerful integrations, it’s a perfect complement to the downstream tools you use and love.

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The best way to automate and simplify your content marketing.


Easily define your content strategy.
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Quickly manage your team, projects, and assets.
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Build your content calendar with ease.
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Customize, automate, and streamline your content workflows.
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Improve your visibility, routing, communication, and project tracking.
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Track and measure what’s working and what’s not in real-time.
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Integrations Galore

Oh, you want integrations? Well, we have a boatload of them…Over 1,000! Divvy is the most versatile content planning and creation platform and a perfect complement to whatever other tools you use and love.

DivvyHQ Integrations

Save time. Save money. Save your sanity.

Don’t take our word for it.

See what other content marketing pros have to say.

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“My social, PR, project management, content writers, and strategy teams now have one place to connect the dots on content. Simply put, we are faster, and more agile in creating content with approvals needed without wasted time. We can go from ideation to publishing within days vs. weeks, and that is all because of DivvyHQ.”

Derek Mcintyre

Senior Director of Performance Media
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“DivvyHQ has been an extremely helpful tool for us in planning and tracking our social media content. It provides one central place for my team to manage our content calendars. The interface is intuitive and easy for new users to navigate, and they are constantly improving it with new features.”

Andy Rose

Social Media and Customer Insights Manager

“Our content output has grown exponentially since adopting Divvy. And it’s taken us from merely wishing for a cohesive editorial strategy to actually executing one on a daily basis.”


Director of Content Marketing

“Before Divvy came along, a lot of people were creating content on their own with little-to-no feedback from the rest of the team, and a lot of the content that people ultimately wanted to create wasn’t being created. Basically, it was siloed chaos.”

Dan Rosenbaum

Senior Manager of Content & Social Media Marketing

“From a search of many providers we chose DivvyHQ because of its value and ability to quickly function as a replacement for our previous editorial calendar. Can definitely recommend.”

Michael MacLennan

Digital Editorial Manager

“DivvyHQ has been instrumental in my content planning efforts. The onboarding process was seamless and allowed me to get setup in a quick and impactful manner. Best of all, you get a power planning tool at an affordable cost.”

Kasey Skala

Digital Media & Brand Integration

“Divvy is an essential part of our daily workflow. As Content Manager it gives me an overview of all essential output whilst ensuring all key team members stay informed.”

Andy James

Digital Content Manager

“DivvyHQ keeps us on track. With everything at our teams’ fingertips, we can identify high-performing content, research new customer segments, collaborate with experts for highly technical content, and accomplish a thousand more tasks.”

Michael Brenner


Plan. Divvy. Conquer.