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Get Your Content and Your Team Organized With a Central Content Operations Hub

DivvyHQ is a content operations software platform specifically designed to be your central hub for managing all content requests, schedules, initiatives, and campaigns across your organization. We’ve baked in the best practices of content strategy and planning with such features as:

  • Unlimited, shared content calendars
  • Customizable content types and content strategy fields
  • Campaigns management
  • Global content asset search

Provide Instant Visibility

You need to know what’s due, what’s done and what your team is working on right now. Your organization wants to know what’s coming down the content pike. Who has the time to keep everyone in the loop?

Let our content operations software handle that for you. A real-time view of your global content calendar is only a click away. Check out these key features:

  • A real-time content project dashboard
  • The most robust content calendar on the market
  • Easily share your calendar with anyone

Watch a quick video demo >>

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Manage Content Requests

Keeping up with a never-ending onslaught of content requests from stakeholders across your company can quickly become a management nightmare. To avoid requests slipping through the cracks, Divvy helps enterprise teams formalize their entire request intake process. Divvy’s Content Request Tool includes:

  • A requests form builder to create sharable intake forms
  • A dedicated moderation area with built-in request review and approval workflow
  • One-click conversion from content request to scheduled content project

See the Content Requests Tool in action >>

Content Strategy Documentation & Reporting

While Divvy can’t create a content strategy for you, our content operations software does come equipped (out-of-the-box) with everything you need to house your strategy and report on its effectiveness.

From the moment you create an account, you can start plugging in key content strategy metadata, including content topics, target audiences, buyer stages, keywords, and more! Then, when you initiate new content projects in Divvy, each asset can be tagged with its relevant content strategy data, which fuels a wide variety of filtering and reporting features.

Need some strategy help? We have you covered there, too.

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Streamline Your Content Process

If you’re using the wrong tools, the content process can seem a lot harder than it needs to be. Stop emailing spreadsheets back and forth. Cut out status meetings and endless copyediting email chains. Streamline your entire process with content operations software that provides:

  • Custom content workflows
  • Asset storage and approval routing
  • Direct publishing to popular content channels

Watch a quick demo of our workflow features >>

Integrate & Automate with AI

At Divvy, we’ve been thinking about how to incorporate AI to automate parts of the content process for years. But with the AI tech market moving at light speed, real-world applications are already here! AI integrations available NOW include:

  • Jasper – generate headlines, outlines, or complete first drafts in seconds
  • Grammarly – get help with spelling, punctuation, readability, and style
  • Writer – generate draft copy in any format or ensure your copy is following your brand style
  • Copysmith – ideal for bulk generation of ecommerce product content/descriptions
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Collaborate Across Teams

For most content managers, it’s almost impossible to keep tabs on every piece of content that is being produced across an organization…until now. With a content operations software platform like DivvyHQ, content managers and producers can collaboratively plan and produce content assets in real-time, anywhere, on any device. You’re going to love these features:

  • Shared idea repository
  • Built-in HTML content editor
  • Version tracking
  • Commenting and @mentions

Track Content Performance

Your job isn’t done after you hit publish. Divvy’s content analytics module gives marketers and comms teams a robust, customizable set of dashboards that bring all of your performance data into one platform and presents key metrics that tell the story of how your content is performing. Our solution is perfect for marketing and content teams who:

  • Need to understand which content pieces, topics, and keywords are performing well
  • Are tired of manually aggregating data from multiple sources
  • Want an automated reporting mechanism to share results with executives
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Integrations to simplify your content operations

DivvyHQ is the most versatile content operations software platform and integrates with over 1,000 tools to help you work more efficiently.

Additionally, our open API can be used to connect other third-party application.


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