DivvyHQ Services

Developing an effective content marketing initiative starts with strategy and careful planning. If you need a little (or a lotta’) help in the these departments, or you just want to ensure your DivvyHQ account is set up properly and your team is trained, DivvyHQ’s Enterprise Services team is ready to serve.


Tier 1: Basic Onboarding & Training

(Recommended for All New DivvyHQ Accounts)
Includes up to 4 hours of one-on-one consulting with a dedicated onboarding specialist. The typical agenda looks like this:

  • Onboarding Kickoff – Content/editorial team(s) Q&A, operational review
  • Review of primary content initiatives
  • Discussion and setup of DivvyHQ calendar architecture
  • DivvyHQ team member roles & setup
  • Production workflow review
  • Taxonomies & metadata strategies
  • Adding & editing new content
  • Specific team workflow & process rules
  • Profile and notification settings customization
  • Full team training
  • Analytics dashboard(s) configuration (Enterprise Only)

Tier 2: Enterprise Implementation & Training

Includes up to 12 hours of consulting and training with a dedicated success team. We’ll cover all topics included in the tier-1 list above, as well as taking a deeper dive into your content strategy, operations and reporting requirements. A robust implementation playbook will be provided and completed to ensure that the client’s Divvy environment is configured properly. Lastly, the Divvy team will work with the client to develop and facilitate a training plan that may include multiple training sessions with different teams.

Tier 3: On-Site Implementation & Training

Includes up to 12 hours of consulting and training with a dedicated success team. We will follow the same agenda as the tier-2 onboarding, but much of the process will be executed on-site with your team and key stakeholders.

On-site Content Strategy Workshops

This 2-day workshop is ideal for organizations that are embarking on a new content marketing or digital initiative and need expert facilitation to build a new roadmap for their content operations. A detailed agenda and proposal for this workshop is available upon request.

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