Automate Tedious Tasks and Focus on What Matters

The phrase “content automation” makes us a little squeamish, calling to mind mechanized writers and lifeless creative produced by rule-based algorithms.

We firmly believe content intended to be consumed by humans should be created by humans. This is what makes it interesting and relatable. Sorry, Robo Shakespeare.

But there are parts of the content production process that can and should be automated, giving your team more time to focus on those essential creative elements. A key component of DivvyHQ’s value is in streamlining repetitive procedural tasks and eliminating the tedium that bogs down content teams.

Here are a Few Things DivvyHQ Automates

Production Workflows
A variety of workflow features are available in Divvy, from simple to custom to fully automated. You can create a workflow template and then reuse it over and over again for similar projects, automating the process of generating tasks, assigning them to team members, and calculating your entire production schedule.

Content Calendars
Every DivvyHQ plan level provides users with an unlimited number of content calendars, which can align with the way your operation is set up (distinct calendars for different teams, product lines, initiatives, so forth). With your calendars established, you can drag-and-drop to schedule an idea from your Parking Lot (idea repository), or drag-and-drop to reschedule a deadline. Don’t worry, we’ll notify your team of the change automatically. No more manually formatting, updating or distributing clunky spreadsheets.

Content & Social Publishing
DivvyHQ integrates with WordPress and major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so you can plan, produce and post (or schedule) your content all from one central content hub. Divvy’s new WordPress integration also automates the synchronization and transition of multiple elements, including post title, full content, images, excerpts, categories, tags and post authors. Even if you make a change to one of your WordPress posts in the future, your changes will automatically sync back to your DivvyHQ content archive.

Automated Reporting
All of your analytics in one location, negating the need to gather information from multiple data sources. Dashboards are conveniently preconfigured for each major content channel, such as web, social, email and SEO. DivvyHQ Analytics can pull from more than 150 data sources, and produces slick automated reports that can automatically be emailed to your execs to remind them of the impact of your work.

Notifications and Reminders
A study by Atlassian found that the average professional receives 304 weekly business emails and checks their inbox 36 times an hour. On DivvyHQ, notifications are automatically generated when tasks are created or completed, and they appear on the main dashboard for everyone who needs to see them. No need to check your email every few minutes, or to craft a new email for every important update (while inevitably forgetting to CC that one person who really needed to see it). You’ll get automated email notifications too, though.

Unlock Simple Efficiencies with DivvyHQ

There’s nothing all that complicated about these features. But that’s the point. We’ve loaded DivvyHQ with simple efficiencies like these, designed to make life easier for everyone on your content team. Robot creatives? Nah. But you might feel like you’ve got a collection of robot assistants working on your behalf.

Plug into DivvyHQ with a 14-day trial and see how much time you save on everyday tasks. Or, request a demo and one of our humans will be eager to walk you through these content marketing automation functionalities and more.

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