Does Your Team Need a Content Calendar?

The content strategist is conceptualizing next month’s content. The writer is writing next week’s blog. The editor is editing this week’s ebook. The designer is designing the perfect GIF for the latest email blast. And that’s just a normal Tuesday morning.

With all the moving parts in content planning, the thought of not having a content calendar is crazy. And not in a “so crazy it just might work” way that creatives love.

B2B and B2C brands use content calendars to visualize, organize and communicate editorial plans. This is vital to every business, but even more important for enterprise or global organizations with multiple channels and business units that may be working across timezones.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Team channels are siloed, with little cross-channel visibility.
  • Content production outgrows simple planning and scheduling tools like spreadsheets.
  • Project management software works for tracking individual projects or channels, but doesn’t integrate efforts together.

The DivvyHQ content calendar solves these challenges. Designed with enterprise, global, decentralized, or just really busy content marketing organizations in mind, our software is fluid, and incorporates the activities of multiple teams to offer a holistic publishing perspective.

The Intuitive Content Calendar Your Team Will Love

Try approaching one of those strategists, writers, editors or designers with their headphones in. If you’re lucky, they won’t bare their teeth.

There’s a lot of solo time in creative work, no doubt, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of collaboration and cross-functionality. Without proper content planning tools, creatives can become locked into individual projects, unaware of the big picture, and leadership can be left wondering what the content team is doing. This can lead to isolation within teams, business units, and the entire organization.

The right content calendar offers a simple solution to organize content, but it also must be robust enough to support cross-channel functionality. This is where DivvyHQ sets itself apart. Our calendar allows for customized calendar configurations.

Organize by Team, Region, Business Unit, and More
Simultaneously Manage Shared and Private Calendars
Filter by Category, Keyword, Team Member, and More
Manage by Task, Asset, or Campaign

How to Make a Content Calendar Using DivvyHQ

Where do you begin? How do you get the attention of all those heads-down, headphones-in creatives?

With DivvyHQ.

Our calendar is the easiest to use, which is one of the many reasons why we were voted the #1 Content Marketing Platform in Content Marketing Institute’s Audience Choice Awards for four years in a row (2016-2019).

By bringing everything together in one place, DivvyHQ helps you avoid the adoption headaches of complex calendar and content planning solutions. We’ve simplified the whole process.

Start with the Essentials

It’s nearly impossible to stay organized when content plans are scattered. Communication gets lost. Collaboration is difficult. Projects lack visibility. The DivvyHQ content calendar organizes everything in one place and allows for communication through notes, comments and file attachments.

Customize your Configurations

Your business is unique. The DivvyHQ calendar can be customized for your needs, including configurations by channel, business unit and geographical region. Groups can operate in their own space, or choose to share visibility with other functional or organizational units.

Create Powerful Filters

DivvyHQ’s content calendar offers search and filtering options to quickly gain insight into project timelines and scope. The filter helps you identify gaps in your content strategy by customizing criteria, including team member, topic, keyword, category, buyer stage, and more.

Manage Campaigns your Way

Data gets lost when you use separate tools. The Divvy content calendar allows you to easily manage campaigns and individual assets in one place. You can also review past campaigns to replicate successes.

DivvyHQ In Action:
A Free Content Calendar Planning Template

Our Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative offers advice on how to get started with a content calendar, and how to organize your entire content plan. Use our guide to build a shared understanding among stakeholders and contributors about objectives, execution details, and measurement methods.

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“I no longer wonder what are we publishing today and so as a manager, I feel more in control and less worried about what is happening on a day-to-day basis. DivvyHQ allows me retroactively to see when we had drop-offs in content output, so I can adjust my planning and identify production hiccups.”
Ricky Riberio, VP of Creative at Manifest.

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