Content Planning 101

Consider the lifecycle of a single blog post. Your writing team combines to conceptualize, draft and edit the post. Your designer includes eye-catching visuals. Your SEO expert adds their recommendations.

All is approved by the approvers. Time to publish.

Now your social media team is ready to share and amplify. Meanwhile, everyone else moves to their next task.  

Content marketing is a team sport. And if you’re even a smidgen of a sports fan, you know that while talent is critical, talent alone isn’t enough. Typically, it’s the coach’s ability to instill a shared vision and put each team member in a position to succeed that determines whether the team succeeds. Given the choice between equally talented teams, you’d take the motivated, organized team every time, right?

DivvyHQ is designed for the purpose-driven content marketing team. By keeping your content marketing plan and strategy front-and-center, and combining it with dead-simple, collaborative workflows, you can’t help but evolve from cranking out content objects to cranking up KPIs.

That’s the power of content planning.

How To Tame Content Marketing Chaos

Content marketing is a unique animal. It may include ongoing development of content to support always-on content properties. It may include planning large, integrated campaigns to promote big launches or events. And it also may be the most effective way to tactically execute a unique, one-off story.  Whatever content marketing means to your organization, you need a plan for managing the production of all those bits and pieces while not losing sight of the core vision.

That’s why we take a content- and channel-centric approach to content marketing plans. The DivvyHQ platform empowers enterprise (or global, or dispersed, or just plain busy) content marketing teams to excel at the following elements of content planning:

We’ve seen firsthand how content planning is the key to building the type of content marketing program that keeps teams motivated, keeps audiences delighted and, ultimately, keeps the revenue coming. Our award-winning content planning tool is rooted in best practices. DivvyHQ is the easiest-to-use tool, because it forces you to do things the right way.

Content Strategy Informs Everything

Your content strategy is your guiding principle. Your lighthouse. Your rock.

Think about that single blog post we referenced earlier. It’s out the door, sure, but you’re likely not done with it. Is it part of a series? Will it inform a future piece? How will you continue to promote it? If it goes gangbusters, then what?

DivvyHQ was built with content strategy in mind. We know content teams often shuffle tasks and projects to get assets out the door, which can lead to disorganization, lost productivity and missed opportunities. By holistically combining your content strategy with a straightforward plan for implementing it, you are equipped to track everything your content team does. Our platform equips content leaders and their teams to attack the following aspects of content marketing with ease:

  • Strategizing
  • Ideating
  • Planning
  • Producing
  • Analyzing

Content strategy and content planning are not the same. You need both, and you need them to interact like best buds. Think of DivvyHQ as the favorite hangout for content strategy and planning.

In a League of Our Own. The top content marketers choose DivvyHQ because we simplify the most challenging aspects of the content process.
In a League of Our Own. The top content marketers choose DivvyHQ because we simplify the most challenging aspects of the content process.

Be Aware of Promotion Channels and Content Types

Your blog post is alive and well. It lives on your website, but that’s still not enough. Efficient content distribution requires having a full content plan and an understanding of the channels you use to publish. Think about common content platforms:

  • Is Facebook always tinkering with their algorithm? Of course.
  • Will Instagram ever commit to a chronological feed? Who knows?
  • How often does Google change its search algorithm? Pretty much daily.

Theses are challenges to getting content in front of the right people. DivvyHQ helps you overcome these issues and more to put your content in front of the right people in the right context.

How DivvyHQ Helps You Cater Content to Your Audience

Understanding and empathy are critical skills for any content marketer. People demand content that’s relevant, entertaining, timely and personal. That’s why the DivvyHQ architecture is so beneficial. Use it to:

  • Set up personas to keep your ideal buyers in the forefront of each creator’s mind
  • Assign audience type and buyer stage to each project
  • Monitor engagement metrics to determine what’s working, and with whom
  • Correlate audience engagement data with content formats, channels, keyword, topic, and more.

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