My Favorite Content Marketing Video: John Hall

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Welcome back to this week’s “My Favorite Content Marketing Video“, the series that asks the content marketing industry’s top brass to pick one video that inspired them, taught them or made them say, “Wow, that brand really gets it”.

One key thing that some brands don’t get, or the key question that they’ve neglected to answer, is “Why”. Understanding your “why”, or “why are we doing what we’re doing” should be a light that guides everything you do and every decision you make. All too often, the answer for many companies is a means to the almighty dollar. But that’s not good enough today.

For marketers, this same question needs to be asked for everything we’re doing to promote our companies. Why are we on Facebook? Why are we blogging? Why are we sending yet another promotional email that most people will immediately delete?

As content marketers, if we can’t connect our efforts back to a very specific target and goal, then perhaps we should just stop, or at least take a step back and think about the big picture.

It’s this very question that inspired John Hall, Co-Founder and CEO of Influence & Co., to submit this week’s video, a TED Talk by Simon Sinek.

John Hall’s Favorite Content Marketing Video

A little perspective from John…

“A key part of differentiating yourself and your company is to think differently and create content that a reader can either relate to in a unique way, or that helps them become better as a professional or a company. This video gets you thinking about why you actually do something and what you are trying to accomplish.

Too many content strategies are implemented just on doing “content marketing” and are set up for failure. For example, there are so many unsuccessful blogs out there because people are just doing a blog to say they are doing a blog. In reality, content marketing is most effective if your content is strategy aligned is with your core messaging.”

Series Recap

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