My Favorite Content Marketing Video: Jeff Julian

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Welcome back to our series, My Favorite Content Marketing Video, where we’ve cornered the top industry experts and forced them to pick one video that screams “AWESOME” content marketing.

This week, Jeff Julian (a.k.a. Mr. Agile Marketing) made my job easy. Not only did he pick an amazing video produced by our good friend and advisor, Robert Rose, but he also went into detail about why this video is so valuable to him. Take it away Jeff!

Jeff’s Favorite Video: Robert Rose’s Content Marketing Spectrum

Jeff Julian“I love this video because it helped me come to grips with the idea that content marketing is not clean cut. Listening to Robert Rose explain and demonstrate with examples, how the lines blend between content marketing, custom publishing, and native advertising, allows me to align the tactics within my content strategy into the right categories.

Why is this important?  If you stop falling for the “____ marketing is dead” cries from the community, you will begin to understand there is a time, place, and audience for all forms of marketing.  With this awareness and if your focus is on content marketing, you can start to understand the strategies used within this spectrum and what the characteristics, risks, and measurements are required to deploy them with the highest chance of success.

The 2017 B2B Research from CMI and MarketingProfs still exposes our biggest issue.  Our practitioners do not place value in strategic planning and equipping their teams for success.  We need more videos like this one from Robert to help all of us comprehend there is a difference and believe in the benefits of planning.

Series Recap

At the end of each post, we’ll provide a recap list of all videos in the series.

A new favorite video post will be published every Friday until we run out of video submissions. If you’re reading this and have a favorite video that we should consider for the series, please submit it via our contact form and tell us why it was so valuable to you.

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