DivvyHQ Brings Robust Content Planning and Workflow Automation to Episerver with New Integration

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – NOVEMBER 12th, 2020 Eighty-five percent of online shoppers start their online purchase journeys at a marketplace whether they have a product in mind for purchase or not. Business buyers want the same level of ease and comparison and DivvyHQ, voted the #1 Content Marketing Platform, and Episerver, the customer-centric digital experience company, have made it possible through the DivvyHQ Connector via the Episerver App Marketplace where business users choose an app to fit their needs.

“It’s been a pleasure to not only work with Episerver’s Content Cloud team in building out this connector, but also to be able to deliver more process automation to both Divvy and Episerver customers. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a significant increase in clients requesting that we integrate with their downstream content management systems (CMS) to streamline the publishing process. The DivvyHQ Connector facilitates automated content creation and data synchronization with Episerver, eliminating inefficiencies and issues that arise from duplicative data entry, version control and content assets residing in multiple systems.”

— Brody Dorland, Co-Founder – DivvyHQ

DivvyHQ was specifically built for overwhelmed marketing managers and content producers who struggle to keep up with the ever-expanding demand for content to feed always-on digital content channels and serve various areas of their business (sales, demand generation, product marketing, etc.). Complex organizations that produce high volumes of content need a centralized content hub where all content stakeholders can ideate, plan, collaborate and manage their production workflow processes. DivvyHQ helps to simplify and automate these processes that typically happen prior to producers entering content data into their CMS or other downstream publishing platforms.

With the DivvyHQ Connector for Episerver, marketing managers and producers can streamline and automate the transition and synchronization of content data between the two systems, eliminating data entry and version control issues between multiple platforms.

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To be able to participate in the Episerver App Marketplace, DivvyHQ had to pass strict design, quality, verification, compliance and support standards to ensure impeccable integrations for purchasers seeking quick extensibility in the form of B2C-like shopping.

“Episerver App Marketplace is mission critical for companies looking to customize their technology stack without the hassle or headaches associated with customization. While Episerver is an end-to-end digital experience platform, our goal is to offer unparalleled accessibility to the best-of-breed software our customers want to use. To do this, Episerver App Marketplace offers a select-and-succeed model so back-end logic and integration helps engineer show-stopping front-end experiences.”

— Karen Chastain, Senior Director of Global Alliances – Episerver

As an app for the Episerver Content Cloud, DivvyHQ meets business demand for content process efficiency while also helping content teams produce higher quality content that engages buyers and generates demand.

“Adding DivvyHQ within Episerver App Marketplace speaks to the need for business users to have complete autonomy over what their software platforms do for them as an organization with hyper-specific needs another company, even in their own industry, may not have,” said Chastain. “DivvyHQ is a tremendous value add to the Episerver ecosystem and a powerful way to plug in a robust content workflow automation engine and use it to go grow your business.”

Episerver tests each new application or add on for functionality, security and user-interface. Ongoing support is held with DivvyHQ. For more information about the app, visit https://marketplace.episerver.com/.

About DivvyHQ

DivvyHQ is a Kansas City-based content marketing platform that makes it easy for global marketing and content teams to get organized, plan, produce, and publish high-quality content more efficiently. DivvyHQ has been voted the #1 Content Marketing Platform four straight years and works with amazing brands such as McDonald’s, Aflac, Mercedes-Benz, WWE, and H&R Block. For more information, visit DivvyHQ.com.

About Episerver

Episerver empowers businesses to scale through the most customer-centric approach to digital experiences. Its Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform™ features best-in-class content management and robust commerce, both backed by AI powered data and personalization solutions. The platform has consistently earned industry, analyst and media recognition for its vision, capabilities and customer commitment. Episerver’s 900+ partners and 825+ employees in offices around the globe are proud to help more than 8,000 customers enrich their customer lifetime value, increase revenue and grow their brands. Learn more at www.episerver.com

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