New Feature Announcement: Lock Down Your Ideal Content View

 In New Features & Fixes

Hey folks! Just a quick update to let you know about a recent addition to our new Content interface.

With the launch of Divvy’s new Content interface a few weeks ago, we rolled out several new filtering tools and gave you a “Save as Default” function to lock down your ideal, default filters. We also added an all-new Edit Columns function that gave you even more control over the data that populates the interface. At the time though, we did not build in a “Save as Default” function for the column editor menu.¬†Thanks to feedback from some of our rock-star users, we quickly realized this missing piece.

Save As Default = Save Time

Edit your columns and save as default!

Every member of a content team has a unique perspective. We hope that these new customizable displays will help you focus in with fewer clicks, and execute in less time.

Thanks for all the feedback folks…Happy Divvying!

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