Just in Time for 2020: The Industry’s Favorite Content Marketing Platforms

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When talking with new customers, I love asking the question, “How did you find us?” Their answers vary widely and more often than not, they mention how much of a bear it was sifting through so many different vendors to find the platform that truly fit their needs.

In a 2019 research study from Content Marketing Institute, only 58% of content marketers said their companies have the technology to manage content across the enterprise. And only 16% of those said they’re using that tech to it’s potential. Yikes.

With these challenges in mind, we should all be thankful for Content Marketing Institute’s efforts in not only educating the marketplace on all things content marketing, but also for keying in on the tech challenge with their annual “Fan Favorite Content Tech Tools” survey (and the resulting list of favorites).

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This is the fourth year for their survey that identifies the industry’s favorite content marketing platforms and I’d like to take this opportunity to announce how we fared this year.

The Results – They Blew Us Away

For the fourth year in-a-row, DivvyHQ was voted the #1 favorite content marketing platform. Not surprisingly, this category received the most votes out of all other categories. So it goes without saying that this win is kinda’ a big deal for us.

But as the results for other categories were announced, we had to try real hard to control our excitement. We also landed the top spot, beating out multiple heavy hitters, in the following categories:

  • Team Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Analytics

These wins are huge validation for our team and the work that we’re putting in to tackle some of the biggest challenges that content marketers face each day.

Rounding out the results, we also placed in the top 3 in the following categories:

  • Digital Analytics (2nd)
  • Account-based Marketing (3rd)
  • Artificial Intelligence for Content Marketing (2nd)
  • Marketing Analytics (2nd)

The cherry on top, as far as these results go, is all the platforms that we beat out in many categories, namely: Google, Microsoft, Hubspot, Asana, Trello, Adobe, Basecamp, and CoSchedule.

Our Key Takeaway

When technology becomes a commodity, what’s left? Customer experience. It’s what allows a small, Kansas City-based software company to shine and build customer loyalty among much larger players in the marketing tech space. A big part of that experience is building relationships through strong communication.

Communication with our amazing customers helps to push our product forward, and keep our decisions grounded in their needs. It’s these things that customers remember when we come to them and ask for a quick favor…a review, a testimonial, or a simple vote.

If you voted for us, THANK YOU!

What Now?

Now is the perfect time to get your content tech stack in order for 2020. Check out CMI’s shortlist of the industry’s favorite content marketing platforms. We’d certainly love to be among the platforms you consider. Our content collaboration, project management and content analytics features are second to none (the voters said so).

Quick side note… In a very short time, we will have the capabilities to integrate with just about everything in your tech stack.

If you’d like to learn more or see how we can help, schedule a demo today!

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