Having Trouble Getting Traction With Your New Content Initiative?

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Let’s set the stage. Three months ago, you launched a new content property. Your team has worked hard to hit deadlines and create some really good content that is making you look good. But your boss has asked for a report of the results…

(Cue deflating balloon sound)

Stop banging your head on your keyboard and remind yourself that you are fighting an uphill battle. There are three major obstacles that most companies face today, which often thwart success. In the immortal words of G.I. Joe, “knowing is half the battle.”

1) One-size-fits-all content

Many companies are still relying on one-size-fits-all content properties, and not realizing the reason behind their strategy’s FTL (Failure to Launch). Do any of these content tactics sound alarmingly familiar to your organization?

  • One corporate website for all audiences
  • One corporate blog for all audiences
  • One email newsletter for all audiences
  • Same content across all social channels
  • One-size-fits-all campaigns
  • One-size-fits-all content assets

If so, halt the breaks. People are not going to spend time engaging with content that isn’t relevant to their specific needs. Double down your efforts to consider just who your audience is, and tailor your content accordingly. We’ve covered this topic before in depth, but it’s worth repeating. You wouldn’t visit a blog or keep opening emails that are irrelevant to your needs 95% of the time, so why should your customers or prospects?

2) Content Shock

In this age of complete digital saturation, we are fighting an uphill battle to get our content seen. There is an overabundance of available content, or content noise, out there for us to consume (hello, endless cat videos!). As a result, our attention spans are shrinking.

Working in a hundred screens, but find yourself pausing to check out that latest viral video? You get the picture. Gone are the days of “If you write it, they will come”. Instead of focusing on content quantity, really hone in on what you want to put out there to compete with the noise. Your audience will come.

3) Lack of Commitment

These days, thinking like a publisher is not enough. Your communications and/or marketing departments needs to look and act like a publisher, too. This often requires several organizational changes, including but not limited to, role changes for existing professionals, dedicated access to subject matter experts and hiring new creative/writing talent. Brand new processes need to be devised. New process tools are needed that fit those processes. Ditch your campaign mentality, and shift your strategic thinking to building content properties and editorial plans that balance customer needs with long-term business goals. Commitment is hard, but worth it long-term.

May We Offer a Suggestion?

To help you improve traction on your content initiatives, we’ve linked to a few resources below that provide a framework for developing a high-powered strategy for each content initiative. If you missed our free ebook, The Definitive Guide to Starting a New Content Initiative, be sure to check it out. We dive more deeply into these three obstacles, and provide suggestions to overcoming them. We’ve also included a strategy worksheet that compliments the ebook, and can be used to get your entire team on the same page. Be sure to tweet at us (@divvyhq) and let us know how it’s going. We’d love to hear from you.

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