My Favorite Content Marketing Video: Nick Westergaard

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This week’s My Favorite Content Marketing Video submission comes from our good friend, Nick Westergaard, who is, as I type this, busy filling the heads of hundreds of midwest marketers with all sorts of marketing goodness at his own event, Social Brand Forum, in Iowa City, Iowa.

Quick side note… Nick’s new book, Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small, is a must read.

When I pinged Nick about submitting a video for this series, he immediately sent me the holy grail of content marketing videos: The Story of Content, a documentary produced by the Content Marketing Institute. Here’s what Nick had to say about it:

“Hats off to Joe Pulizzi and the Content Marketing Institute. It’s true. There are several short and sweet animated infographics out there about why content is king, but CMI went a few hundred steps further and created a full-blown documentary feature about the history of content and its increased relevance today. Full of stories from companies like John Deere, and rich with interviews from industry-leading thought leaders like Jay Baer and Ann Handley, you can’t beat the Story of Content. It is the best 50-minute content marketing master class you can find online.”

The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing

Series Recap

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A new favorite video post will be published every Friday until we run out of video submissions. If you’re reading this and have a favorite video that we should consider for the series, please submit it via our contact form and tell us why it was so valuable to you.

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