My Favorite Content Marketing Video: Michael Brenner

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Welcome back to our series, My Favorite Content Marketing Video, where we’ve asked industry leaders to share their favorite content marketing how-to videos or great examples of branded video content.

Quick story… The DivvyHQ crew is headed back to Kansas City after a very “rewarding” trip to Cleveland for Content Marketing World 2016. The closing keynote at the conference was given by Mark Hamill (a.k.a. Luke Skywalker) and he made a pretty funny admission that called out this week’s featured A-lister, Michael Brenner.

In preparation for his keynote, Mark hopped onto Google to get a better understanding of “content marketing” and the audience to which he would be speaking. He admitted to getting a bit intimidated about his presentation after stumbling upon a thoughtful article written by Brenner titled “WTF Does Mark Hamill Know About Content Marketing“. So, kudos to Mr. Brenner for freaking out Luke Skywalker!

Michael Brenner’s Favorite Content Marketing Video

As mentioned in our series intro, companies need to be incorporating more video into their content mix, but this can be a challenging and expensive endeavor for many. More and more video service providers and video creation platforms are popping up, several of which exhibited at Content Marketing World.

Michael’s favorite video, produced by Wistia, provides everything you need for shooting professional-quality videos with little-to-no budget and your iPhone. I asked Michael why it’s his favorite content marketing video at the moment…

“I love this video because it solves a real problem: how to create great video without buying expensive equipment. I also love how the content in the video flows from the brand’s expertise. I also love that they are having some fun with it.”

Shooting Video with an iPhone – by Wistia

Series Recap

At the end of each post, we’ll provide a recap list of all videos in the series.

A new favorite video post will be published every Friday until we run out of video submissions. If you’re reading this and have a favorite video that we should consider for the series, please submit it via our contact form and tell us why it was so valuable to you.

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