A Perfect Pairing: DivvyHQ and Lytho’s Digital Asset Management Platform

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This is the hardest time ever for marketers. Overwhelming content saturation and noise makes it nearly impossible to stand out. And don’t get me started on the ever-changing search algorithms and zero-click searches that are chipping away at our organic traffic. Come on Google!

Economic instability adds to the pressure. We’re expected to drive business growth, often with tighter budgets. On top of that, we need to keep up with rapidly evolving technology — cough, cough … AI. Is AI good, or coming for my job?

And what worked yesterday, doesn’t work today. Ugh. All this leads to long hours, high stress, burnout, and uncertainty.

So, we have to adapt and find new ways to improve our marketing. We have to lean on technology that’s easy to use, makes us successful, and helps us simplify all this friggin’ chaos.

The Good News

We joined forces with Lytho a few months ago with a clear goal in mind … to help content, marketing, and creative teams automate and simplify how they plan, create, and perform. We’ve come together to provide a powerful suite of tools that can’t be found anywhere else. Bold statement, we know.

With that, we’re SO EXCITED to announce our integration with Lytho’s Digital Asset Management platform. But, buckle up, because this is our first (of many) integrations we have in store. This is just the beginning.

This integration is designed to streamline your content planning, creation, and asset management processes like never before. Check out this short video:

What This Integration Means For Our Customers

With this digital asset management integration, DivvyHQ users can now effortlessly store, organize, and search for digital assets directly within our platform. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

  1. Seamless Asset Management: Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different tools to manage your digital assets. With Lytho’s DAM integrated into DivvyHQ, all your files are easily accessible in one place, making your workflow more efficient and less time-consuming.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Collaboration becomes a breeze as your team can now quickly find and attach the right digital assets to their content projects. Whether it’s images, videos, or documents, everything is at your fingertips, ensuring your team stays on the same page and works more cohesively.
  3. Improved Organization: Lytho’s DAM offers robust organizational features, allowing you to categorize and tag assets for easy retrieval. This means less time searching for files and more time focusing on creating outstanding content.
  4. Quick Search Functionality: The integrated search functionality allows you to find the exact asset you need in seconds. This not only speeds up the content creation process, but also ensures that you always use the most up-to-date and relevant assets.

But wait. There’s more!

With Lytho’s DAM, you’ll also have access to these optional tools:

Lytho's Brand Center - Digital Asset Management

Brand Center: Ensure all your content is on brand, all the time

This flexible hub makes it easy to share approved brand guidelines, design files, spec sheets, and more for all stakeholders. Ensure all the content released to the wild is on brand and up to date, all the time. No more unapproved colors, Comic Sans, or rogue cat pics.

Tempo: Automate and scale your content production

Create high-quality Smart Design Templates that anyone in your organization can use. Empower your company with the ability to rapidly scale content production using pre-approved content, variable data, and design templates. Design like a pro, even if you peaked in kindergarten.

Lytho Tempo - creative automation for your digital asset management
Lytho Tracks - Trace your digital assets online

Tracks: Track and protect your assets online

Tracks’ AI technology digitally fingerprints your assets so they can be traced online — even if they’re downloaded, cropped, and re-posted. You’ll know exactly where your assets are located anywhere online and how they’re performing. Protect your ass…ets.

Need some social proof? Here’s what people are (probably) saying about this Divvy + DAM integration:

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Fake testimonial 2 - DivvyHQ integration with Lytho Digital Asset Management

Interested to learn more?

Whether you’re an existing Divvy or Lytho customer, or you’re brand new to the content and creative operations world, we’d love to show you how these solutions can help your organization. Click here to get started.

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