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In our recent Content Planning Research Report, a majority of respondents reported they are not measuring what we consider to be some of the most important content performance metrics. For example, a measly 24% reported tracking conversion metrics such as email subscriptions or customer conversions – while just 23% track production volume, or benchmark against competitors. If you work with content, you’re likely already keenly aware that getting content in front of customers has never been more challenging.

So can our content programs succeed if we don’t have a solid handle on content marketing measurementNope.

If we wish to break from the sea of sameness and compete for customer attention in today’s frenzied ocean of content, there’s one thing we must embrace:

Cold. Hard. Data.

As the ocean of content expands, we must be keenly aware of which harbor, coral reef, or deep sea plateau we should call home. Plain and simple, the only way to do that is analyzing the right data, ignoring the wrong data and listening to our audience. The moment we get honest about which content performance metrics to focus on, we instantly shrink that overwhelming ocean of content to a manageable pond.

In our new eBook, we feature exclusive insights from 10 leading content analytics, marketing, and digital thinkers who reveal how to get serious about content performance measurement. In this piece, leading practitioners discuss how they measure:

  • Whether Content is Fueling Business Objectives
  • Content’s Impact On Target Buyers & Prospects
  • Content Amplification & Promotion Efforts
  • Content Team Effectiveness

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The sheer amount of data available and volume of content being produced on the web can cripple even the most gifted marketers. When you consider that in a single minute more than 2 million Facebook posts will go live, 500 hours of YouTube content will get uploaded, 500,000 tweets will be sent, and nearly 2000 blog posts will go live, the level of competition in content becomes clear.

Producing content in today’s frenzied digital landscape requires talent, a keen understanding of your audience, and a firm dedication to the details found in performance and measurement data.

In addition, new trends in big data, artificial intelligence, social media and online user behavior require content professionals to remain constantly on their toes. Truthfully, knowing whether these new trends, channels, and behaviors are relevant to our audience is key to surviving change. One year our audience might demand content via online forums or email, and the next they expect to get that same experience on Facebook and Snapchat.

While we might feel like we need to keep tabs on every emerging trend, channel, and tactic, the truth is we don’t. With access to the right performance measurement and audience data, we can discern which of these new trends are truly relevant to our audience, and what content they seek.

Interview Highlights

As a part of our new eBook, we interviewed leading thinkers in digital marketing who weighed in on how to deal with data, get past all the hype and connect with customers through content. Below is a sample of their contributions.

Or, you can download the full eBook with their complete contributions here.

Oli Gardner - Unbounce“The best way to change on-page behaviour is to forget about conversion rates for a second, and consider micro-metrics..” Tweet this
Oli Gardner, Co-founder, Unbounce

Pam Didner - Relentless Pursuit“If you can trace content to CRM and lead generation funnels, then you can see how it impacts sales wins, business growth and revenue.” Tweet this
Pam Didner, Senior Marketing Consultant, Relentless Pursuit

“The most underappreciated metric by Content Marketers is Page Value. If you are not measuring it, you are sucking without knowing you are! Only partly kidding.” Tweet this
Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google

Bryan Eisenberg - Keynote Speaker & NY Times Best Selling Author“As we get deeper into micro-storytelling, we will need metrics that help us understand how they piece together to measure customer engagement.” Tweet this
Bryan Eisenberg, Keynote Speaker & NY Times Best Selling Author

Carla Johnson - Type A Communications“If we really want to know the impact we have in attracting new customers, spend time talking to customers, prospects and those we failed to woo.” Tweet this
Carla Johnson, President, Type A Communications

Dayna Rothman - BrightFunnel“It will become critical that content is measured in the same way as other paid programs.” Tweet this
Dayna Rothman, VP of Marketing & Sales Development, BrightFunnel

Jeff Sauer - Jeffalytics“Teams will need to properly tg their campaigns and integrate data across channels which will make content analysis much easier.” Tweet this
Jeff Sauer, Founder, Jeffalytics

Warren Whitlock - Guerilla Marketing“We should embrace the data, informed and more capable to drive our business as managers.” Tweet this
Warren Whitlock, Senior Advisor, Guerilla Marketing

Rebecca Lieb - Kaliedo“Smart, mature organizations know ROI comes in many guises, not all sales-related.” Tweet this
Rebecca Lieb, Analyst & Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights

Kirk Borne - Booz Allen“The future of content marketing will be more context-based: delivering the right content to the right person at the right time in the right context.” Tweet this
Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist & Executive Advisor, Booz Allen

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