Brevity Is the Secret to Pitches That Nail It Every Time

 In Press

When we first pitched DivvyHQ to investors, we thought we knew a lot more than we did. Our 45-minute presentation was jampacked with data, and we presented so frequently that we could do it in our sleep. As we approached investor after investor in Silicon Valley and around the country, we whittled down the length but kept the heart of the message. Despite generating great enthusiasm with our pitches, no one cut us a check.

So we revised our presentation again, trimming it to 15 minutes with incredibly compelling facts, figures, growth projections, market opportunity and competitive analysis. We were convinced this was going to be the best pitch they had ever seen.

At the end of our presentation, one investor raised his hand and said, “Guys, I have no idea what you do. No clue.” The murmurs of agreement throughout the room floored us. We thought we were nailing it, but we hadn’t even come close to landing a deal. Where had we gone wrong?

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