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As mentioned back in July, the Next Chapter of DivvyHQ is in progress. Have you seen our new website? It’s a very exciting time for us considering our platform is helping some of the largest brands on earth address major challenges that our content-centric, digital world has created. Our excitement increased even more last week with the news of Compendium, another content marketing software provider, getting purchased by Oracle.


All companies (big and small) are struggling with content. Our product eases much of that pain and our customers are telling us that we’re on the right path. Now we just need to keep growing and evolving. Today, I’d like to officially announce two big changes to our offering that will require some consideration on your part.

Big Change #1 – We’re Retiring Our Free Plan

When we first got started in 2011, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into. With our digital agency backgrounds, we assumed there were thousands upon thousands of other small companies, agencies, freelance copywriters and consultants out there feeling the same content-related pain. So, we proceeded with a “freemium” pricing model and low price points to test the market.

Come to find out, we completely underestimated the real market demand. The pain level of small and mid-size companies is nothing compared to the inefficiencies and waste that happens within the siloed depths of enterprise companies. Breaking down silo walls and facilitating better collaboration and workflow is really where DivvyHQ shines.

Which brings us to today. Our evolution, fueled by customer feedback, has helped us to better understand how we need to build and position our offering. And the freemium model does not deliver the true value of DivvyHQ or allow us to build a tool that truly meets the needs of our growing customer base. So, we are simply not able to support that plan any longer.

As of Friday, November 22nd, 2013, the Freebie plan will be discontinued and any free account owners will be required to upgrade to a paid Divvy plan to continue usage of the platform.

Big Change #2 – Divvy 2.0 Is Coming VERY Soon

In November, we will begin inviting beta testers (a select group of existing clients) to test our new platform, which has been completely rebuilt thanks to the mass amounts of feedback that we’ve received over the past two years. We know what we got right. And our customers have clearly articulated the additional features and customizations that will make Divvy a perfect fit.

We’re now putting the finishing touches on “Phase 1” of Divvy 2.0 and then phases 2-4 will be rolled out on an aggressive schedule starting in January. Existing-customer on-boarding will commence immediately after our beta-testing period is complete.

We’re still in the process of selecting past, current and future Divvy customers for the beta test period, so if you’re interested in beta testing our 2.0 platform, please complete this form.

Thank You, Marketing Industry.

As we push through this next chapter, and enter the month of Thanksgiving, we are so thankful to be working for and with our marketing peers. Each of you make this job so rewarding and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store in 2014.


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