New Features for DivvyHQ’s Editorial Calendar Interface

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MAJOR OVERHAUL ALERT! Back in late June, we handed one of our developers a large list of new, calendar-related feature requests. Then we locked him in a closet and told him not to come out until he’s done. He finally emerged this past week (looking a little pale), so we told him to head to the pool and we’ll take it from here.

Quick Tour of DivvyHQ’s New Editorial Calendar Interface

Can’t see this video? Hit refresh or view it on YouTube: DivvyHQ’s New Editorial Calendar Interface.

1. Full-Width, Adaptive Layout – Much like our recent Dashboard and Content interface upgrades, we’ve rebuilt the editorial calendar interface to use the full width of your screen and adapt to whichever screen size you’re using.

2. Headline Hover – Want to see the details of a content item? Just hover over the headline! Thanks to customer feedback, this new features eliminates the need to click/view individual content items in order to see key details (dates, content status, content owner, etc.). With the addition of this hover menu, content items can be marked as published right within the calendar view. To edit/view a content item, you can doubleclick the headline or click “Edit Item” from the hover menu.

3. Click [+] to Add a New Content Item to a Specific Day – This is a nice little shortcut for those of you who want to directly input and schedule a content idea for a specific day.

4. New Calendar Filters Menu – This new menu provides a variety of enhancements and shortcuts that you’re going to love…

  • You can now choose which key content dates you want to display on your editorial calendar. Toggle publish dates, production deadlines, promotion dates and review dates on or off as needed. No need to make adjustments on your My Account page.
  • If you have specific filters that you want applied each time you view your calendar, you can select them and click the “Set as Default” checkbox.
  • By pulling all existing filters into this new menu, we’ve uncluttered the header of our editorial calendar interface altogether.

5. Expand/Collapse the Parking Lot Row – While we’re on the topic of uncluttering, we’ve adjusted the visibility of the Parking Lot row/slider. To view the slider, just click the Parking Lot icon. Click it again to hide it.

6. New Calendar Print Template – We’ll be the first to admit, our previous calendar print function was less than stellar. Chalk it up to a minimum viable product! Divvy users now have a clean, simple print template that maintains your multi-calendar color coding and maximizes your print area.

And Last, But Certainly Not Least…

7. Master Calendar View for Contributors – Previously, Divvy users who have been assigned the “contributor role” did not have a Master Calendar view (the aggregate view of all calendars to which they have access). Thanks to feedback from customers, we’ve now made the Master Calendar view available to contributors.

Thanks to all who have provided feedback and ideas. You’re making us better every day!


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