Introducing DivvyHQ’s WordPress Integration

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We try not to talk about our content marketing software much on our blog, but sometimes a big, new feature release is worthy of some public attention. We’re very excited to finally announce the release of our WordPress integration!

A Few Facts about WordPress: Did you know?

  • WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system
  • As of 2018, 30% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress
  • WordPress’ closest competitor, Joomla, only has 3.1% market share.

More stats here

DivvyHQ’s WordPress Integration: An Overview

Getting your content from idea… to draft… to final copy… to LIVE on a WordPress website can be a complex process. Divvy’s new, best-in-class WordPress integration expedites both the processes of transferring content data from DivvyHQ to WordPress, and back to Divvy when updates are made to content in WordPress.

As would be expected, establishing a secure connection from a DivvyHQ account to a WordPress website does require some setup, but customers need not fret. Implementation documentation and support resources are available when help is needed.

Once a WordPress connection has been established, DivvyHQ Pro & Enterprise users are able to initiate our new “Send to WordPress” function that streamlines the transition of their content and assets to WordPress.

Our integration simplifies and automates the entire process, including: creating a new WordPress post, assigning the author, categories and tags/keywords, transitioning image assets and all content data (post title, excerpt and full content).

Syncing Updates Back to DivvyHQ

One of the unique options that our developers built into this integration is the ability for content updates made in WordPress to be automatically synced back to the originating content item in DivvyHQ.

So let’s say you’ve already gone through the “Send to WordPress” process, you’ve made a few final edits to your content in WordPress, and then you publish your post. If you have enabled the sync setting in our DivvyHQ WordPress plugin, any changes to your full content and the final Published URL will be sent back to Divvy.

Try DivvyHQ & Our WordPress Integration for Free

If you’ve been longing for an all-in-one content planning, collaboration, publishing and reporting platform, now is the time. Our new WordPress integration is just one of many new features that have been added this year. And we’re just getting started. Sign up today for a FREE 14-day trial of DivvyHQ Pro or Enterprise for access to our award winning content marketing software platform.

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