ALERT: DivvyHQ 1.0 Retirement – DivvyHQ 2.0 is Here!

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After more than a year of hard work and a few months of beta testing, DivvyHQ 2.0 is here! Big thanks to all our beta testers and early adopters who provided extremely valuable feedback and helped get our product launch-ready. We’re so excited to open the 2.0 doors to all content producers, and even more excited about all the new stuff that’s coming!

Are You Ready to Dig In?

The new platform’s initial launch offers content practitioners a completely redesigned, touch/mobile-friendly interface that’s even more cutting-edge and intuitive. DivvyHQ 2.0 also offers unlimited shared calendars, more customizable content fields, production task management features and a custom workflow builder. Many more features and third-party platform integrations are planned for launch in 2014. If you have a few minutes to spare, hit play on the video below for a quick walkthrough of DivvyHQ 2.0.

(Can’t see this video playlist? View it on YouTube.)

Divvy 1.0 Retirement, Account Migrations & Pricing

REMINDER: DivvyHQ 1.0 will be retired on June 30th, 2014. For existing, Divvy 1.0 customers who are ready to migrate to 2.0, we make the process stupid simple. Our team has developed a fancy-schmancy migration tool that will take your 1.0 content and team member data and transition it seamlessly to a shiny, new 2.0 account. All you have to do is activate the account, invite your team members and you’ll be Divvying (2.0 style) in no time.

If you’d like to get the migration process started, click here to get the process started.

From there, a member of our team will contact you to answer any questions you may have, nail down your migration timeline, 2.0 pricing and account activation instructions. For existing 1.0 customers, grandfathered pricing is available for our new Divvy Lite plan through 2014. If you’d like to explore our Pro or Enterprise features, promotional discounts may be available for those who act now.

New to Divvy? Need a Full Demo?

If you’re just joining us and are curious to see if DivvyHQ 2.0 would be a fit to help you manage your content/social planning, production and publishing processes, we’d love to do a one-on-one demo with you and your team.

Click to Request a Demo!

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