Announcing the “Future Proof Your Content Planning” Video Series

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In our most recent DivvyHQ report on content planning challenges, trends and opportunities, we learned that content professionals at large are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. As channels diversify and customers grow more complex, the role of a content marketer and anyone else working with content today have become tougher than ever.

On paper, content planning and strategy appear simple. Research an audience, fill up an editorial calendar, create the content. Bada bing, bada boom!

In reality, getting content out the door that gains and keeps the attention of your target customers is tough stuff. It’s like juggling cats while running a marathon. Something is going to get dropped. Someone is going to get upset. And when you add in all this talk about artificial intelligence, automated content, 3D gaming and virtual reality? Whew. Feels like the Terminator is about to blow through the front door and rid us of our careers.

But the future is bright for marketers willing to apply content planning fundamentals while keeping an open mind to new channels and technology opportunities. And this is exactly why we recently interviewed six leading brand marketers to learn exactly how they future-proof content planning at their organizations.

Over the next six weeks, we will be releasing long-form video interviews with these thought leaders on topics ranging from understanding audience needs and picking the right channels, to balancing real-time content creation with long-term content development.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Below are the six amazing brand marketers who were kind enough to share their secrets to success. By all means follow these folks on social media, and subscribe to the DivvyHQ blog (form below) to get immediate access when each video is released over the coming weeks.

Get the Guide: How to Future-Proof Your Growth with Content Marketing Fundamentals

Amanda Todorovich – Director of Content Marketing, Cleveland Clinic

“How to truly future-proof your content marketing efforts? It’s really about the strategy and being consistent with that.”
– Amanda Todorovich

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Justin Levy – Head of Global Social Media, Citrix

“One of the things I’ve seen the best brands around do is to physically map out their content.”
– Justin Levy

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Megan Golden – Group Manager, Global Content Marketing, LinkedIn

“Absolutely every marketer should be experimenting with new content formats. Those who aren’t, we call Lazy Marketers.”
– Megan Golden

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Tim Washer – Creative Director, Cisco

“If you look at a customer’s pain point and build content around that – particularly if it’s funny – you’re going to show them you have empathy.”
– Tim Washer

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Jillian Hillard – Director of Brand Marketing – Small Appliances, Electrolux

“Hire a graphic designer, hire a videographer, hire a copy editor. If you’re going to bring three positions in-house, those are the top three.”
– Jillian Hillard

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Amisha Gandhi – Senior Director of Influencer Marketing, SAP

“You need to think about the arc of your company’s storyline. It’s like a TV series.”
– Amisha Gandhi

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