5 Ways to Repackage Your Content to Generate More Leads

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I’m just going to come right out with it. My wife is a sucker for good packaging. And as a marketer, I can’t help but let her know when she’s fallen victim to some clever gimmick or creative flair. But even with me pointing out these tactics, she still believes she’s buying something special. And the company that executed these tactics got a sale.

I’m glad people like my wife exist in the world. Actually, a lot of us are suckers for packaging, especially when we’re convinced that a product or service will make us better, save us time or save us money. From a business perspective, when you focus on packaging or re-purposing your content in a way that resonates with your customers and reiterates those time/money savings, leads and sales are sure to follow.

5 Ways to Repackage Your Content to Generate Leads

  1. Merge a Series of Blog Posts Into an eBook/Whitepaper – Aristotle once said that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. In the case of blog content, you may find that stringing together a series of blog posts into a meaty educational piece turns that content into marketing gold. And if you ask for a name and email address in exchange for the PDF download, you can capture and nurture that interest.
  2. Turn Your Content Into a “Checklist” or “Cheat Sheet” –  People love checklists, especially when an expert is providing them. There’s an allure of efficiency there and let’s face it, we’re all trying to do more in less time. Now if an expert is providing a cheat sheet…whoa nelly! Now I’m saving some serious time and money. When written and packaged well, these types of documents can turn into some serious link bait, as well as a printable guide that might reside on their cube wall.
  3. Create Video Teasers – If your business has been around a while, you probably have product manuals or process guidebooks sitting on your shelves (virtually or otherwise). Perhaps you could demonstrate one unique feature with video to give prospect a more visual taste of your offering. Create a landing page for this video with a conversion form to give viewers the change to watch the full video series (full product or service demonstration) after submitting their name and email.
  4. Have a Lot of Content? Turn it Into a Book! – It’s pretty common these days to hear book authors say, “I started blogging a few years ago and then I realized I had all the ingredients for a book.” Books are still a big deal these days, especially for those individuals and companies vying for the title of “thought leader” within their industry. Within our consulting circles, books often replace business cards. If you’re just getting into a blogging ritual, think about creating the outline of your book and working that into a weekly editorial calendar so you can pick it off one piece at a time. Maybe a year from now you’ll be at your first book signing.
  5. Convert Your PowerPoint Slideshows Into Recorded Webinars or Screen Capture Videos – Your fancy presentations do you no good when they’re sitting in a folder on your computer. Even if you put them on Slideshare.net, they’re not going to have the impact of a live presentation. Record your best sales person giving the presentation on screen or record a live webinar and then make the recorded version available in exchange for a name and email address.

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