To Meme or Not To Meme – 4 Tips to Make Them Work

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A question came up in a meeting last week. Someone asked whether incorporating memes into your content is a good strategy.

If you’re not familiar with the term, (and frankly, I didn’t know the term until a few months ago) a Meme is an image, often humorous, that you then put a funny bit of copy on it. Then as people see it, and chuckle, they pass it on to their friends, Pin it, post it to Facebook, and boom – viral.

A Few Tips to Get Started

Here’s why I like working memes into corporate content: they’re disruptive. In this day and age, anything that disrupts the norm, shakes things up, gets you out of the ho hum, is a great strategy. Here are a few tips to follow if you decide to start Meming (annoying made-up term alert!)

  1. Keep it relevant to your audience & timely – the funniest memes are the ones that are relatable. If your company is business to consumer, the meme possibilities are endless, but say you’re in a business to business, er, business, how do you meme? I’ll bet there’s some “inside industry” humor you could use. For example, in our industry, the image at the top of this post is funny!
  2. Make it recognizable – Memes are depictions of popular culture. It’s important that your meme either be something/someone very recognizable (like condescending Willy Wonka above), or an image that “speaks for itself,” that would probably be shared whether it had white text captions on it or not. For example, scaredy cat.


  1. Keep it clean – this is probably self explanatory, but if you’re going to use memes for your business content strategy, it’s best to make sure they’re clean humor. But think beyond humor. Good, shareable memes can also be inspirational. Is there a quote your CEO always uses to inspire your team? Meme it!


  1. Don’t promote your company (blatantly) – The goal of a meme is to spread virally, which is an organic thing. No one will share a meme that has your company name or logo in it, well, except maybe people within your company. If you’re going to put your company’s name on it, put it in small type across the bottom in the style of a photo credit, like below.


There are a ton of meme makers to choose from, including Meme Generator, Get your creativity flowing and give it a try!

What’s your favorite meme right now? Share the link here!

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