The Best Marketing Podcasts in 2022

Today’s audiences demand content that’s available where and when they are. Podcasts are all that and more, making them a prime content format to consider for your content marketing program in 2022.

It’s no secret that both sales enablement and marketing content need to focus on your prospects’ and customers’ needs. This customer-centric focus, however, needs to expand from simply creating content that helps your audience solve problems.

Your content strategy needs to include more audience-friendly ways for prospects to find your content. In 2022, that includes podcasts. With a growing number of US-based listeners that rose to 120 million during 2021, it’s one area of content marketing you might not want to neglect.

That number will likely explode during the coming years since 67% of podcast listeners are between 18-44 years of age. It’s a critical demographic you don’t want to miss.

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So, you have a choice to make and perhaps some homework to do. Whether you’re thinking about starting a podcast for your company, or you’re looking to improve your existing show, we’d advise digging into a few podcasts about podcasts (meta, I know). Our recommendations would be PodCraft and Podcasting Q&A.

If podcasting just isn’t in your wheelhouse, or not in the cards for your company, we still want you to continue learning, growing, and being a better marketer every day. So… without further adieu… Here’s our list of favorite marketing podcasts!

Marketing Over Coffee

Founded in 2007 by marketing legends John Wall and Chris Penn, this iconic marketing podcast is still going as strong as ever in 2022. Dealing with topics that run the spectrum of the artsy – think “adding music to your marketing mix” – to the nerdy, such as unpacking the intricacies of quantum computing as they apply to marketing.

With guests that look like a “Who’s Who” in their respective niches, it’s a must-listen/watch. It’s the virtual equivalent of meeting over coffee with the finest minds in marketing. Use this one to hone your own marketing mastery with thought leaders in the field.

This Old Marketing

This Old Marketing Podcast

Image via Content Marketing Institute

With over 300 (and counting) episodes under their belts, our good friends Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose have been delivering the goods in the areas of media, marketing, content marketing, and digital content news for years.

As an outgrowth of their involvement with the Content Marketing Institute and working daily with brands of every shape and size, Joe and Robert share their immense knowledge and perspectives on pretty much everything that is hot and happening in the marketing space.

Are you curious about Web3? They’re covering all the new players and technologies. Interested to hear about the latest shenanigans that the social networks are getting themselves into? Joe and Robert are talking about it. And make sure you listen to the end of each episode to hear their latest “rants and raves”. 🔥

Content Callout

The Content Callout Podcast is one of the newer entries into this category, but Mark Raffan, the show’s creator, is both an expert marketer and a naturally talented interviewer who does a great job getting golden nuggets of marketing goodness from each week’s guest.

The show definitely has a B2B marketing slant, but many of the weekly guests bring their expertise from every walk of marketing life. Speaking of… Mark invited DivvyHQ co-founder Brody Dorland on one of the early episodes.

The DigitalMarketer Podcast

Fulfilling its mission of “doubl[ing] the size of 10,000 businesses in the next 5 years,” this nuts-and-bolts podcast teaches marketers the skills they need to make a go of it in this competitive field. With world-class guests and real-world advice, it’s an excellent guide for marketers to model their own podcasts after.

Whether you sell sprockets or high-tech software, it’s essential to teach your customers the skills they need to get the most out of your products. Headed by Mark de Grasse, this podcast models the value of educating your target audience – in this case, their fellow marketers.

And, if you want a little deeper dive into strictly high-end marketing topics, their sister podcast, Perpetual Traffic by DigitalMarketer, is an excellent place to start.

3-Minute Marketing

If you’re in a content marketing team in a large corporation, time is precious. With looming deadlines around every corner, you need to digest new information at light speed.

Enter 3-Minute Marketing. The brainchild of WebMechanix’s Chris Mechanic, these 3-minute podcasts deliver a wealth of information in the time it takes you to gulp down a cup of coffee on your mid-morning break.

Loaded with tips from marketing leaders in some of the world’s most influential brands, these “bite-sized micro-interviews,” as Zapier’s Steph Knapp puts it, focus on customer acquisition and brand growth. Considering the quality of the guests the podcast hosts every week, it should be on every marketing executive’s must-watch list.

The Revenue Marketing Report

As long as we’ve been in business, we’ve preached the virtues of content marketing teams tying their departmental goals to their companies’ overall business goals. That’s why we included a robust content analytics solution in the enterprise version of our content platform.

As the official podcast for revenue analytics firm CaliberMind, The Revenue Marketing Report provides marketers with information that can help them connect their subject matter-focused content with their company’s corporate objectives – like revenue.

That information – and the advice that helps you turn it into action – can take your goal alignment to the next level. That alone makes this podcast well worth a listen.

The Search Engine Journal Show

Formerly known as the “Marketing Nerds,” The Search Engine Journal Show is the podcast arm of the SEO content world’s premier publication, the Search Engine Journal.

Focused on the audience-facing side of SEO, this podcast is a rich source of information on emerging trends, new developments, and digital marketing strategies that take advantage of those trends and developments.

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Marketing podcast pioneer (and fellow Kansas City native) John Jantsch founded the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast back in 2005 and still leads the way today. A marketing consultant since the 1990s, Jantsch specializes in helping small- to medium-sized businesses launch, promote, and grow their companies with his systematic approach.

In other words, he’s a legend in his niche. If your B2B company lists SMEs among its target customers, the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is a must-listen.

In his podcast, he shares his wisdom, along with in-depth interviews with a stellar lineup of successful entrepreneurs and marketers that include content marketers Neil Patel and Ann Handley, investment whiz Guy Kawasaki, and leadership guru Simon Sinek, just to name a few.

Using his advice to identify SMEs’ needs and pain points, you can create content that reaches them at every step along their customer journey.

Marketing School

Make the most of your daily commute with Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s highly informative marketing podcast. Learn from the legends of digital marketing in short pops of information that will keep you on the leading edge of your craft. And episodes are only a few minutes long, so you’ll get tons of information without investing a ton of time.

From building communities on video platforms and social media to insights into super-geeky topics – like crypto marketing on Web3 – you’ll learn actionable tips with every episode. With episodes dropping every day of the week, it’s a great way to start or end your day.

Consider these podcasts your continuing education course for 2022. But unlike a formal course, this one comes free of charge.

But how will you execute on all the knowledge you’ve gleaned from these podcasts? With a content marketing platform and an idea repository, you can document and store all the information you’ve learned. 😉

Then, when you want to put them to use, you can add them to your content calendar, plan content that incorporates those ideas, and watch the revenue roll in. With DivvyHQ, all you need for planning, collaboration, publication, and analysis comes under a single digital roof.

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