K.I.S.S. Your Content

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I’m about to sound like I’m 80, but we live in an age of TOO MUCH! There are way too many choices for everything. We are over-stimulated, over-worked, over-stressed, overweight and over analytical. What does all this do? It complicates life. It is a documented fact that when presented with too many choices, it becomes harder, not easier, to make a decision.

Keeping things simple is not just my mantra, but it’s also the way we work at DivvyHQ. No, we’re not communal or anything. But in our company, we really only have one rule: Thou Shalt Not Forget the “Service” Part of Software as a Service.” That’s it. I refuse to add procedures and policies, mandates or memorandums. We don’t schedule meetings unless there’s an emergency, and we work where and when we’re most productive (that’s home for me.)

A Simpleton in Today’s World

This all sounds great in theory, but it’s not easy being a simpleton in today’s world. Every new day there’s another temptation to complicate things. New technologies. New features. New metrics. It’s a constant battle to strip things away that aren’t absolutely necessary. But in my mind, it’s worth the fight. That’s how we built DivvyHQ, and that’s how we’ll continue to grow it.

So…What does this “when-I-was-a-kid” rant have to do with content? It’s simple…

I’m on a constant quest to simplify. Seriously, ask anyone who works with me and they’ll tell you they’re tired of hearing me ask the question, “how can we make this simpler?” With that, I’m always looking for ways to strip content strategy down to only its most essential parts. I was reading a book the other day called “The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau. In it, he discusses the thing that makes any and all startups successful – the convergence where expertise meets true need. I think this applies to content strategy quite beautifully. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

The World’s Simplest Content Marketing Strategy. Ever.



Do this with every blog post, every podcast episode, every video and every email you create, and there’s no doubt in my mind, your efforts will prove fruitful.

Here’s how Chris explains it in the book:

“Not everything that you are passionate about or skilled in is interesting to the rest of the world, and not everything is marketable. I can be very passionate about eating pizza, but no one is going to pay me to do it. Likewise, any individual person won’t be able to provide a solution to every problem or be interesting to everyone. But in the overlap between the two circles, where passion or skill meets usefulness, a microbusiness built on freedom and value can thrive.”


That convergence is the antithesis of keeping things simple. Staying true to your business while providing value to others. So there you have it. The World’s Simplest Content Marketing Strategy. Ever.

Here’s your challenge: can we make this even simpler?

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