My Favorite Content Marketing Video: Andy Crestodina

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Welcome back to our blog series, My Favorite Content Marketing Video! Last week, Ahava Leibtag’s favorite video tugged at our heart strings with a great content marketing video example from Cleveland Clinic. This week, we’re back in the “how-to” genre with some great website content tips from one of my favorite, fellow content nerds, Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder of Orbit Media Studios.

Andy Crestodina’s Favorite Content Marketing Video

As an agency, Andy’s team is constantly working with companies to guide their digital and content marketing efforts. A big piece of the equation is always the company’s content hub, their website. No need for me to provide any more setup for this video… Andy’s comment is perfect:

“People often ask, what should we put on our site? But in many cases, you can get better results by removing things. Take a few minutes to take some things away. It’s a faster, cheaper way to get better ROI. You might be better off without a lot of that stuff. Less is more. Try it!”

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