Are You Hitting the Point of Content Marketing Saturation?

In a world with a global population that’s tipped over the 8-billion mark, more than 5 billion people are hooked into the internet. That’s no small number of individuals looking for content.

However, consider this: The internet adds approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. If your brain hurts as you try to wrap your head around that number, we can relate.

Bar graph showing internet and social media users in 2023, demonstrating the potential for content marketing saturation.

Source: Statista

Content creation as a marketing strategy is growing, resulting in a proliferation of blogs and social media posts vying for attention. Though your brand’s industry and niche might only fit within a small slice of the content pie, astronomical growth in the digital space leads to concerns about content marketing saturation.

How do you know whether your industry is at a saturation point, and what do you do about it if it is? Let’s talk about ways to evaluate market saturation and manage content in a crowded environment.

Here’s a hint: The answer isn’t to stop producing compelling content. When you need to leverage all your resources to make every asset count, Divvy’s platform gives your team the tools to make it happen. Request a demo to discover how we help your teams become more efficient and effective.

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What Do You Mean by Content Marketing Saturation?

Inbound marketing is no longer a novel or nominal approach; 82% of companies include content marketing as an essential component of their marketing strategies. Unfortunately, too many brands posting on the same topics make it hard for your assets to reach your audience, leading to a saturated market for your industry or around a particular topic.

Infographic showing the growth of content marketing and why content marketing saturation could be an issue.

Image Source: Clarity Quest

Content saturation presents barriers to content reach. Fortunately, they are not insurmountable.

The Most Significant Barriers to Content Reach

Your team can create stellar content that doesn’t reach your audience. The sheer volume of competing postings is part of the problem. People only have so much time and mental bandwidth to devote to content consumption.

The second challenge is SERP rankings. Very few users look past the first page of search results. However, even if you land on page one, the average click-through rate drops from 28.5% to 2.5% between the first and the tenth position.

A third challenge with content marketing saturation relates to the nature of social media. According to Sprout Social, 74% of users think brands should post once or twice daily. That’s a lot of new content. Furthermore, the ever-present challenge is figuring out how to get the algorithm to capture your post and put it in front of the right people at the right time.

How Do You Know if You’ve Reached Content Marketing Saturation?

To determine whether you’re dealing with a saturated market, you need to dig into the data and research your competitors.

Examine Asset Performance Over Time

Your first indication of an overcrowded content environment is a change in how well your assets perform. You may want to analyze performance from several angles to determine how deep the saturation runs.

Divvy’s analytics tools let you establish key performance indicators and generate reports based on those metrics. You may want to assess:

  • Overall performance trends for different types of assets (blogs, videos, images, etc.)
  • Performance for specific topics or keywords
  • Social media engagement and shares

If performance was stable or improving before taking a downward turn, content marketing saturation might be the culprit.

Research Keyword Competition

Declining content performance doesn’t necessarily mean the market is saturated. Researching keyword competition provides further insight.

Analyze the competitiveness score for your target keywords. Any with a score approaching one has a high level of competition, indicating saturation for that keyword. The more of your keywords that have high competitiveness scores, the more saturated your industry.

Check Out Your Competition

Search for the topics or keywords your brand focuses on and see what turns up in the SERP or on your social media platforms. Even as an enterprise business offering a product or service that has a massive potential global audience, seeing upwards of a million pages in the search results indicates you might be reaching saturation. You should also investigate what the high rankers have to say about trending topics and how well they say it.

What Can You Do To Combat Content Saturation?

Content marketing saturation certainly presents challenges, but they aren’t insurmountable. Your team needs a cohesive strategy and tight organization. Here are some ways to climb above the competition:

  • Stay consistent: Consistency is imperative to break through the noise. Divvy’s content calendar helps your team stay on top of schedules and includes project management features so everyone knows where a piece is on its publishing journey.
  • Keep the ideas flowing: Generating new ideas can be tough. However, if your team has a dedicated space to park ideas whenever they pop into their heads, inspiration is just a click away. Often, two heads are better than one when it comes to ideation, and you need an easy way for team members to collaborate.
  • Focus on quality: Overcoming content marketing saturation isn’t just a numbers game. Your brand’s content needs to have real value for your audience. Look at what your competition is doing and make your content better than theirs.
  • Build relationships: Consumers want a relationship with their favorite brands. Content marketing isn’t just about pushing your products or services; it’s about your customers. Find a way to engage and connect.
  • Find a niche: Conduct a content audit using Divvy’s content audit template to find where the gaps are and where there are opportunities to carve out a niche within segments of your audience. You can also dive deeper into target keyword possibilities to look for emerging trends to cover before they take off.

When you need to stay ahead in the fierce content marketing competition, organization, creative focus, and accountability are critical to success.

How Can Divvy Help With Content Marketing Saturation?

Overcoming content marketing saturation is much easier when your team has a central hub with an organized, easy-to-use structure. Divvy provides it. Our platform combines content and project management tools in one centralized and intuitive system to help move projects smoothly from ideation to publication.

Our robust analytics tools help you stay informed about asset performance, allowing you to quickly pivot when needed. Request a demo to see how it works!