4 Simple Reminders as You Ramp Up Your Content Marketing

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Everyday here at DivvyHQ, we get to talk with companies who are all over the map as far as their content marketing maturity. Some are pros and they just need a streamlined tool to keep their team efficient. Others are just getting started with the transition from traditional marketing/advertising to our new customer-controlled, digital world.

When I get a chance to work with customers one-on-one, several best practices tend to come up consistently. These might be old-hat to some, but it never hurts to be reminded of some of these all-too-important aspects of effective content marketing.

1. Know Thy Audience

I can’t stress enough the importance of identifying and understanding everything you can about the people who are buying and using your product/service. Completing a research-backed, persona development effort for the key buyers, users and/or influencers of your product/service is VITAL to the success of your content marketing strategy. Those personas become the backbone of your strategy and should inform every tactical decision you make.

2.  Stop Publishing Selfies

There is way too much self-serving content being produced by marketers. You’re just adding to the noise. PLEASE shift your content’s focus to the needs, pains and desires of your buyers. 99% of the time, they don’t care about your stuff. But something might happen in their world with which you’re uniquely suited to help. Produce and publish great content so that your message lends a helping hand at that moment. Customer relationships start in those moments.

3. Proceed with Purpose

Should your content solve problems? Should your content entertain? Should your content educate? You (and your team) need to decide what the purpose or mission of your content will be. And “to sell stuff” is not an acceptable purpose. If that thought came to your mind, you’re still not getting it. Consumers have a nose for self-promotion. As soon as they get a whiff of sales pitch in your words, they’ll bounce and your brand may leave a bad taste in their mouths for some time. Try to Identify a purpose for your content that fills a unique gap, fits your expertise and has value.

4. Be Consistent

Maintaining a consistent publishing frequency is only part of the battle. Effective content marketing requires:

  • Staying consistent to your purpose
  • Consistent planning
  • Consistent production workflow routines
  • Consistent messaging, voice and tone
  • Consistency within the tracking, reporting and analysis processes that determine success.

It’s nearly impossible to determine your effectiveness when there are inconsistencies throughout your process.

How closely are you following these rules? Need help?

  1. Knowing your audience is an ongoing exercise. Existing personas evolve. New personas may crawl out of the corners. You should probably revisit your personas and make updates often.
  2. Have you done a content audit recently? Does your content lean toward the self-centered or self-serving side of the house? By the way, selfies on social channels aren’t a bad thing. Customers often appreciate seeing the people behind the company.
  3. Have you defined your content marketing mission? Have you nailed it to the wall so your entire team is on the same page? Perhaps this is a little extreme, but I can’t stress enough the importance of having a specific purpose for your content.
  4. Do you have regular content planning meetings? Do you have documented workflow processes? Do you have messaging and style guidelines? Are you regularly reviewing your content analytics? There are obviously a lot of tools to help you get these things done consistently.

Speaking for my team at Divvy…we’d certainly love to help. Why not schedule a demo today.

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