DivvyHQ vs. Sprinklr: Comparing Content Marketing Platforms

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Content marketing teams are embracing technology now more than ever. It literally makes their life and work easier. It also increases consistency and ensures you’re meeting your content production goals. Finding the right platform is critical, so we’ve done a big competitive analysis of all the platforms we run up against. Today, we’re focusing in on the comparison between DivvyHQ vs. Sprinklr.

We’ll define how each solution stacks up in several categories, including:

  • Pricing
  • Content ideation features
  • Content and editorial planning capabilities
  • Workflow and collaboration offerings
  • Content production and asset storage features
  • Publishing functions and integrations
  • Content and team performance analytics
  • Service and support
  • Setup and implementation requirements
  • Security
  • Other factors

Comparison Methodology

How did we complete the comparison of DivvyHQ vs. Sprinklr? Our staff dug into various resources, including company websites, free trials, knowledge bases, review sites, and additional sources. The full report and methodology is available here: Content Marketing Platforms: DivvyHQ vs. the Alternatives.

DivvyHQ vs. the Alternatives

In deciding what features to spotlight, we included the tools and features that content, marketing and communications teams need to do their job. Consider the criteria to be similar to those used by analyst firms Gartner and Forrester for the annual reports they publish on content marketing platforms (CMPs).

While we did our best to gather all available information, but we certainly may have missed something. Not all platforms provide all details to the public.

If you’re a staff member of Sprinklr, and you see something we got wrong, leave us a comment. We’ll fix it.

Now that we’ve defined the how, let’s get started.

Enterprise Pricing

Cost influences every buying decision for businesses. You want the best value, but you also want a platform that accommodates your needs and number of users. In looking at the overview of pricing, DivvyHQ has very modest pricing plans, whereas Sprinklr is among the most expensive platforms in the category. Not to mention the additional system administrators you’ll need to bring on to actually implement and use Sprinklr (more on that later).

Divvy’s pricing model can be per-seat, or we have enterprise plans with unlimited users and free access to reviewers. Sprinklr only offers per-seat pricing.

Content Ideation

There would be no content without ideas, so having an intake, storage and idea evaluation mechanisms are a central necessity for content teams. Each platform offers equivalent features in this category:

  • Centralized idea repository
  • Content request/intake form integration
  • Content recommendations

As a quick note of differentiation, the majority of Sprinklr’s recommendation offerings revolve around social content analysis, which makes sense considering their core functionality has always been rooted in social media management.

Content and Editorial Planning Capabilities

With ideation complete (not that you’re ever “done”), it’s planning time. Planning is essential within the content process, and with the right tools, plotting all content initiatives and campaigns can be streamlined and automated. Among the most critical features in this area, a robust content calendar is essential for large organizations.

DivvyHQ and Sprinklr both have dynamic content calendars with the following features:

  • Drag and drop rescheduling
  • Project and task prioritization
  • Duplication of projects
  • Multiple views (list, calendar, etc.)
  • Flexible architecture for different calendars for locations, brands, or other segments
  • Color-coding
  • Robust filtering
  • Content strategy metadata management (Users find this valuable to understand what groups are receiving what content.)

Divvy’s calendar also offers shareable views for non-users, which Sprinklr does not.

Both products have campaign planning and management. Sprinklr also offers resource management functionality, which DivvyHQ doesn’t currently.

Workflow and Collaboration Offerings

Technology enables you to streamline content workflows and improve collaboration. With these features, you’ll be able to use automation tools. Both platforms offer:

  • Task management
  • Custom workflow creation
  • Commenting with @mentions in content to tag users
  • Automated workflow scheduling, notifications, and reminders

Of note here, workflow creation between the two platforms is vastly different. DivvyHQ offers a simpler approach that requires no backend programming, whereas Sprinklr’s workflow creation requires highly trained, technical administrators to build and manage workflows.

Lastly, DivvyHQ offers real-time browser notifications to keep team members informed and collaborating efficiently.

Content Production and Asset Storage Features

Next are tools that support content production and asset storage. Since both platforms are content marketing-centric, they provide much of the same main features:

  • Social post editor
  • Change tracking and version history
  • Unlimited storage for content and assets
  • HTML content editor
  • Content archive and auditing
  • Asset library

Publishing Functions and Integrations

With most marketing and communications departments utilizing multiple tools to create and publish content, integrations become a key area of consideration in order to make processes easier. Simply put, connecting platforms helps productivity and efficiency.

Comparing the two platforms in this area is a bit of an apples to oranges situation due to the fact that Sprinklr has broadened their platform offering into the wider category of Customer Experience Management (CXM). They have both features and integrations that support other customer-facing teams outside of the typical marketing and communications use cases.

So when narrowing the focus to the marketing or communications realm, here are the current integration options for each software.

DivvyHQ Integrations

  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Box
  • EPiServer
  • Kentico
  • Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Google calendar
  • iCal

Sprinklr Integrations

Both platforms have an open API.

Content and Team Performance Analytics

Content analytics are essential to measuring content performance and informing decision-making. However, data lives in many places, so a central hub that aggregates it is a must-have. DivvyHQ and Sprinklr offer this functionality. Additionally, both have features for time tracking and internal content production analytics.

Service and Support

Deploying and using software requires service and support from time to time. DivvyHQ and Sprinklr both make this a priority, offering:

  • Live onboarding
  • Content strategy review and recommendations
  • Dedicated support team
  • Analytics analysis and recommendations
  • Online support chat

Setup and Implementation Ease

Technology that’s easy to set up and use is also something enterprise teams want and expect. But this is definitely an area where the two platforms diverge.

Depending on the size and scope of the content operation, and the operational maturity of the team who will be implementing and using it, DivvyHQ can be configured and ready to use in less than four hours. You also don’t have to add technical staff to your team to get it running.

Implementing Sprinklr, on the other hand, requires a much bigger commitment of time, resources and technical staff.


Security is another area to consider when choosing a product. Both solutions prioritize security with:

  • Robust user permissions and rules
  • SSO (single sign-on)
  • Two-factor authentication

Everything Else

In this final category of our competitive analysis, we key in on mobile experience and additional staff needed for ongoing administration of the platforms. If you’ve made it this far, I think we’ve answered the latter. But both platforms also have a nice mobile experience for customers on the go.

DivvyHQ vs. Sprinklr: What’s Right for You?

Sprinklr is a very robust platform with lots of features for organizations who have ample budget and technical resources, and wish to have all customer-facing employees using the same platform. But for content marketers specifically, Sprinklr is certainly not the best bang for the buck. The two platforms are pretty evenly matched in their content ideation, planning, workflow and creation functionality. Key differentiators lie within the cost and ease of implementation/management categories.

If these are big factors in your decision-making process, then we’d recommend your next step be giving DivvyHQ a quick test drive, which you can do at no cost. Start your free trial today.

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