DivvyHQ vs. Monday.com: Comparing Content Marketing Platforms

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Content marketers have become platform adopters, realizing that they require both technology and creativity to succeed. There are various content marketing platform and project management options on the market, each with its own pros and cons.

To understand which platform might be the best fit for your organization, we’ve done a big competitive analysis of all the platforms we run up against. But today, we’re focusing in on the comparison between DivvyHQ vs. Monday.com.

We’ll define how each solution stacks up in several categories, including:

  • Pricing
  • Content ideation features
  • Content and editorial planning capabilities
  • Workflow and collaboration offerings
  • Content production and asset storage features
  • Publishing functions and integrations
  • Content and team performance analytics
  • Service and support
  • Setup and implementation requirements
  • Security
  • Other factors

Comparison Methodology

How did we complete the comparison of DivvyHQ vs. Monday.com? Our staff dug into various resources, including company websites, free trials, knowledge bases, review sites, and additional sources. The full report and methodology is available here: Content Marketing Platforms: DivvyHQ vs. the Alternatives.

DivvyHQ vs. the Alternatives

In deciding what features to spotlight, we included the tools and features that content, marketing and communications teams need to do their job. Consider the criteria to be similar to those used by analyst firms Gartner and Forrester for the annual reports they publish on content marketing platforms (CMPs).

While we did our best to gather all available information, but we certainly may have missed something. Not all platforms provide all details to the public.

If you’re a staff member of Monday.com, and you see something we got wrong, leave us a comment. We’ll fix it.

Now that we’ve defined the how, let’s get started.

Enterprise Pricing

With Monday.com falling within the category of general-purpose, product management (PM) platforms, this category of platforms has historically been low cost, with the exception of some of the big, enterprise-only PM platforms (ex: Workfront).

That being said, Monday.com charges per seat (an individual user license), which can get expensive quickly for large teams. DivvyHQ also offers a per-seat option, but we have  unlimited-user plans for large, enterprise groups. Plus, there’s no cost for reviewers who get read-only access to see what campaigns and content projects are in the works.

Content Ideation

divvyhq vs. monday.com - content ideation

Every piece of content starts as an idea. Are you organizing and managing yours? DivvyHQ provides a centralized hub so that you can easily capture and moderate ideas in one spot. You can also create content request intake forms for those in sales or other roles to ask for new content pieces. Content recommendations are also an option.

Monday.com, even though it’s a general project management platform, can centralize ideas and generate request forms. It doesn’t have a content recommendations option.

Content and Editorial Planning Capabilities

The bulk of a content marketing platform’s unique features will fall within this category—the heart of which is content calendars. Both Monday and Divvy offer dynamic content calendars with sophisticated architecture. You can have different calendars for content channels, initiatives, brands, locations, or other segments. Within the calendar, you can drag and drop calendar entries (projects, tasks, etc.) with both.

More calendar features for both platforms include:

  • Robust filtering
  • Shareable view for non-users
  • Multiple views (list, calendar, etc.)
  • Color-coding

Other essential planning functions available on both applications are campaign planning and management, project/task prioritization, and duplication of projects.

What DivvyHQ has that Monday.com doesn’t is content strategy metadata management, and the filtering and reporting capabilities specific to that data. For example in Divvy, you can easily see if you have too many emails being sent to a particular target audience on a certain day. Obviously, spamming our customers is not ideal.

On the other hand, Monday.com has some resource management capabilities that help team members manage their workload, and DivvyHQ does not at this time.

Workflow and Collaboration Offerings

One of the leading reasons content teams use technology is to organize and manage content workflows and foster collaboration. Let’s see how the two platforms stack up in this category.

They are evenly matched on all features here:

  • Task management
  • Custom workflow builder
  • Automated workflow scheduling, notifications, and reminders
  • Real-time browser notifications
  • Commenting with @mentions in content to tag users

These functions make processes more efficient, save time, and can remove blockers that delay production.

Content Production and Asset Storage Features

divvyhq vs monday.com - html content editor

Image: DivvyHQ’s Content Editor

Next, we’ll examine the key needs for content production and asset storage. This segment is where DivvyHQ outperforms Monday.com. With DivvyHQ, you get:

  • HTML content editor
  • Social post editor
  • Change tracking and version history
  • Storage for all content and assets with no limitations
  • Content archive and auditing
  • Asset library

The only feature from this list that Monday.com offers is the asset library.

Publishing Functions and Integrations

It’s always easier when platforms easily integrate with others. Without integrations, daily work may be less efficient.

DivvyHQ Integrations

  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Box
  • EPiServer
  • Kentico
  • Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Google calendar
  • iCal

Divvy also has an open API that companies can use to execute a variety of custom integrations to internal systems.

Monday.com does not have an open API and only integrates with Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and Google calendar.

Content and Team Performance Analytics

Content analytics is essential to any strong content marketing program. However, they can be challenging to gather, combine, and evaluate without a centralized analytics hub. DivvyHQ offers content performance analytics, pulling from numerous sources, to give you one single source of truth. Additionally, you can also assess how your team is performing with time tracking, an on-time completion report and content strategy alignment reports.

Monday.com only has features for team performance. It has no features for content analytics, so you’d need a separate system for this.

Service and Support

After you deploy a platform, you want peace of mind that you have support when you need it. DivvyHQ gives its customers a live onboarding and a dedicated support team. Our service also includes content strategy review and recommendations and an analytics assessment. You’ll have access to online support chat whenever you need it.

Monday.com provides customers with a live onboarding team and online chat. Since their software isn’t content marketing specific, those other services would be outside the scope of their expertise.

Setup and Implementation Ease

How easy is it to implement DivvyHQ and Monday.com? You can set up both in under four hours without any programming expertise.


For any application a business uses, security is always a concern. DivvyHQ and Monday.com both have excellent security profiles with robust user roles and permissions, SSO (single sign-on), and two-factor authentication.

Everything Else

There are two important features that these software solutions offer. They are both mobile-friendly. They also don’t require an implementation partner or a full-time employee to manage.

DivvyHQ vs. Monday.com: What’s Right for You?

Now that you’ve compared the options, you’ll notice that DivvyHQ has more content marketing specific features. If those are vital to you, then why not test it out? You can try it for free today.

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