What Is Content Amplification? Actionable Tips for Content Marketers

In the digital world, content is everywhere. Content marketers are not only challenged by developing a content plan that’s relevant to their audience, but also in making sure they see it. After all, you can have the highest quality content on your blog, but if nobody views it, your content marketing efforts are falling flat. That’s why it’s so critical to have a content amplification plan to drive the right traffic to your website.

What Is Content Amplification?

Content amplification describes the process of ensuring your content’s reach is expanded. How you amplify your content depends on several aspects, such as the type of content or the makeup of your target buyer. It’s the part of your content strategy that dives into what tactics you’ll use post-publication of your blogs, eBooks, videos, infographics, and more.

Content amplification isn’t just one strategy or technique. Rather, it’s the summation of many strategic tactics that broaden the reach of your content.

Why Content Amplification Matters

There’s a lot of competition out there trying to attract interested buyers with content. According to Worldometer, more than three million blogs are written every day and published on WordPress.com alone. The true number could be double or triple that when taking into consideration other website platforms.

While there aren’t that many posts produced in your specific niche, this gives you an idea of what you’re up against when courting buyers. To ensure you don’t get lost in the noise, you need a streamlined and automated content workflow to post your content on numerous channels to boost its reach.

Even if you are regularly posting your content on social media, that doesn’t mean it will stand out. It’s a hard road to gain followers and optimize your content so that it can be found on your website. The key to executing content amplification comes with a multi-pronged strategy that goes beyond the random posting of content.

Content Amplification Strategies: Your Content Deserves a Starring Role

content amplification

If your content is still an understudy, it’s time to delve into content amplification strategies. Once you have these techniques in place, you’ll be on your way to top billing.

Use Paid Amplification for Only Your Best Content

Not every piece of content you create needs full amplification. Most of your content is meant to be the supporting cast, while the stars are few and far between. Paid content amplification works best when it’s focused on the top two percent. So, how do you know what’s the “best.”

There are several ways to find the right content to amplify through paid channels like social media ads. First, look at your current content analytics and identify top performers. This initial step applies to already published content.

If you haven’t published the piece yet but see its potential to be amplified, then it needs to be a timely, hot topic related to something in your industry or something that’s going to have a major impact on your buyers. Further, this hot piece of content could also relate to some major events occurring in popular culture like COVID-19 or this year’s presidential election.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

Much of the time, it’s not what is posted but who posts it that matters in content amplification. Your industry likely has influencers—those individuals that your audience looks to for advice or information.

You should begin to develop relationships with influencers and hope they’ll be willing to share it, or perhaps make a cameo in your story. There are many ways to connect with influencers, but what’s important is that it feels personal. Read up on the content they are publishing and spin your pitch to them to share your content based on this.

For example, the influencer may have published content on an idea, and you want to position that idea in longer-form content. Most likely, they’ll see the value of helping amplify content that links to their content.

Become Part of a Niche Community

You can expand your content’s reach by participating in the right groups. Finding these groups online isn’t hard. Facebook and LinkedIn both have groups for just about anything. You’ll need to get familiar with this new scenery before you begin sharing your content.

Use the group as a sounding board on ideas and let them get comfortable with your brand. Then, after you’ve cultivated a connection, post content in the groups with the ask for them to share it on their feeds. Now you’ve extended the organic reach of your content by building relationships.

Tag Experts and Partners in Posts

In any post that cites industry experts or other brands that are partners, be sure to tag them in your social media posts. This is very simple to execute, yet many brands forget to do it. More than likely when they see their tag, they’ll share and possibly respond. It starts a conversation that can attract more views of your content.

Content Amplification Also Needs the Right Tools

quuu promote - content amplification

To run a successful, scalable, and repeatable content amplification strategy where your content is the star, you’ll need the right tools. One of our favorites at DivvyHQ is Quuu Promote, which we’ve been using to boost amplification of our top performing content.

Quuu Promote is a paid content promotion platform that works in two ways:

  1. You can use it to quickly search for curated, high-quality content to share on your social networks
  2. You can post your own content for others to share

So there are thousands of people using Quuu’s curated content search function every day to fill their social media feeds. For those Quuu users in the content marketing space, our best content is front and center, and we’ve significantly increased social engagement, website traffic and conversions due to this platform.

Don’t Forget to Divvy

Lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention our own platform, which can help manage your entire process, including content amplification. The DivvyHQ content marketing platform is built to help you ideate, plan, produce, publish, and amplify all your digital content. See how it works today for free.