Company Newsletters Shouldn’t Be a Bore: How to Create Compelling Newsletter Content for Your B2B Audience

Company newsletters remain a respected channel for content distribution. The Content Marketing Institute reports that 81 percent of B2B marketers say it’s the most used form of content marketing. The same study found that 31 percent of executives report the channel as the best one for nurturing. Using newsletters is one thing; optimizing is another. It all comes down to your newsletter content.

One of the most unique aspects of newsletters is that audiences subscribe to them. It’s a welcome channel for delivering information. If you see a drop off in subscriptions, it could mean your content isn’t hitting the mark.

For the newsletter to drive interest in your solutions, the content should be applicable, valuable, and helpful. Here are some ideas to reinvigorate your newsletter.

Crafting Compelling Newsletter Content: 8 Tips

Landing in inboxes is only the beginning of connecting with subscribes. Your content should relate to their challenges and priorities. To ensure that newsletter content builds connections and trust, consider these tips. You can find some inspiration in the video below, featuring “big brand newsletter examples.”

1. Create Multiple Newsletters Based on Segmenting

Segmenting your newsletter list can be critical to relevance. You likely have more than one buyer persona. If you are already segmenting your email lists, then you have a head start.

For example, you may segment by role if that influences how they use your solution. Another option is by industry. The more you personalize content in the newsletter, the more likely recipients will open and consume it, which could lead to conversions.

2. Focus on High Performing Posts

Using content analytics, look at the content that has been performing the best since your last newsletter. Pay attention to blog views as well as social media engagement. Feature this content in your newsletter as you already know it’s interesting to audiences.

3. Include Video or Visual Content

We are visual creatures. Video consumption continues to rise. This increase isn’t just younger generations or people watching cat videos. According to a Forbes Insights survey, 59 percent of executives prefer video over text. Additionally, 83 percent say they are watching more videos.

Videos translate in different ways than text. They can be powerful influences in a short amount of time.

What type of video should you use?

It depends on your audience and solutions. An explainer video or animated GIF to quickly demonstrate how something works is useful. Using video to illustrate a case study could also be engaging. Another idea is to use videos to answer questions, which can build your authority and highlight thought leadership.

4. Promote Deals

Newsletters can be a source of special promotions available only to your subscribers. B2C companies do this all the time, offering discounts for signups. B2B companies can do this, too.

You could promote a percentage discount, free add-ons, premium content, referral programs, or other campaigns. With this tactic, you tap into an exclusivity that piques the interest of buyers.

You can easily track how well this works with specific codes, landing pages, or URLs.

5. Announce New Products

Your newsletter is the perfect channel for introducing new solutions. Your launch will include an omni-channel approach. Email marketing is one part, but giving a new product prominence in your newsletter helps you get the message out fast.

Create ways for subscribers to interact with your new product in the newsletter. These efforts should include text and visuals. Consider creating a “guide” to the new product as well as an explainer video. If it’s a digital tool or software, you could also produce a guided demo to show how it works.

6. Incorporate Seasonality

Different seasons and time periods represent different needs for your audience. They may react more favorably to content that addresses this.

For example, if you’re a company that provides solutions for holiday staffing, you know when your customers begin these efforts. Be a timely reminder that aligns with their clock. The importance of this is two-fold.

First, you are meeting the market where they are in their decision-making. Second, it’s a signal to buyers that you get how they think and the challenges they face. Compelling content is all about knowing your audience. This proves you do.

7. Plug User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a valuable asset in any channel. It’s persuasive and authentic. It deserves a place in your newsletter.

Design a section of your newsletter around UGC as social proof. Your audience cares much more about what your users think than what you say. Giving users their own “corner” in the newsletter also shows that you value feedback.

In this section, you can also solicit more UGC from your subscribers. Embed CTAs (call to actions) to inspire others to share their experiences.

8. Highlight Events

In 2020, in-person events have come to a halt due to COVID-19. However, virtual events are seeking to fill the gap. If this is part of your marketing strategy, your newsletter will serve as a practical channel to invite users.

If you’re planning webinars, virtual networking events, or other digital occasions, mention those in your newsletter. Include a quick excerpt about what it is and why it would be worthwhile for subscribers to attend.

Post-event, you can create content with highlights for the following newsletter. Those unable to attend can get a glimpse of what they missed. In the case of a webinar, you could make it one that’s on-demand. This could inspire some FOMO (fear of missing out), so they’ll be more apt to RSVP next time.

Energize Your Newsletter Content

B2B marketers can leverage newsletters as a channel for providing useful and helpful content. Newsletter content, like anything you create, should never be a bore. Using these tips, you can elevate your newsletter content strategy.

Rethinking your newsletter and infusing it with new ideas could decrease churn and lead to more conversions. Be compelling and purposeful with every edition of your company newsletter.

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