Moving from Marketing Campaigns to a Content Culture

Businesses increasingly rely on content to drive brand awareness, move prospects down the sales funnel, and cultivate a loyal customer base. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 71% of marketers in the B2B space indicated that they expected content to be more important in 2023 than in 2022, while 70% of B2C marketers said the same.

Content marketing is effective, but no one says it’s easy. We see so many businesses struggling to keep up with company expectations while creating high-value content for consumers. If this sounds like you, you’re in good company.

Unfortunately, the age-old marketing campaign structure doesn’t always translate well with digital content. And it also comes off as salesy and self-serving to savvy consumers. But hey… Divvy’s got your back! Here’s how you can shift from a marketing-campaign-centric mentality to a content culture that will ultimately deliver better results and engaged, loyal customers.

What Do We Mean by Content Culture?

Content production and distribution are often chaotic and stressful, particularly for large teams who work in a mostly reactive mode. Company directives and urgent content requests from various internal and external stakeholders leave producers feeling more like content vending machines, vs. the proactive content publishers that many strive to be.

With so many demands, devolving into an unfocused and disconnected operation is all too easy. On the other hand, if you focus on establishing a holistic and strategic approach that pulls your team together and provides space for stakeholder involvement, your team becomes more organized, productive, and effective.

Cultivating a content culture gets everybody on the same page. It grounds the team in a documented content strategy to meet the needs of consumers and stakeholders alike.

Just documenting your strategy isn’t enough, though. You need a system that helps you plan and implement it effectively. Fortunately, Divvy’s platform facilitates a more strategic and holistic approach, providing a central hub for your content planning, production, and workflow management needs.

How Do You Cultivate a Content Culture?

Developing a content culture helps your brand stand out for all the right reasons. Culture isn’t born overnight, but to start down that path, you need to establish and document a solid content strategy for your team. Then you need to implement it.

65% of marketers always or usually differentiate their content, with 84% crafting higher-quality content to do so.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Divvy provides the tools your team needs in one central location, without the need to bounce around from tool to tool or platform to platform. To implement a strategy and process that cultivates a content culture, leverage Divvy’s essential features.

Identify Your Messaging and Goals

Rally your troops around a central message that reflects your brand’s voice, purpose, and values. An overwhelming majority (82%) of consumers prefer to buy from brands with values in sync with their own. If you want your content to succeed, identify your purpose and values, and determine how to reflect them in your messaging.

Your messaging pairs with your content strategy goals to provide a platform for what kind of content you will create for each of your audiences on varying channels and at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Divvy’s platform allows you to attach metadata to your content so you can quickly locate content based on different aspects of your strategy goals.

Establish a Collaborative Planning Regimen

Silos are for storing wheat, not content. But alas, departmental silos tend to be a big obstacle to establishing a strong content culture. Between internal politics, conflicting incentives, and poor communication, some companies may find it hard to even get individual teams in the same room on a regular basis.

But you have to work through this. A collaborative planning process empowers organizations to leverage the collective expertise and creativity of multiple departments. It drives alignment, efficiency, and innovation, resulting in more impactful content, improved customer experiences, and better results.

Keep the C-Suite in the Loop

Your C-suite is vested in the content you produce and its impacts on company goals and the bottom line. When you loop them in on your content strategy and give them access to your content calendar, they are involved right out of the gate.

Divvy’s analytics and reporting tools also help you keep them apprised of how well your content performs, with easy-to-read reports that can be sent straight to their inbox. When you set up your Divvy account, we create a customized analytics dashboard based on your goals and key performance indicators.

Define Roles on Your Content Production Team

Everyone on your team should know their part in producing the killer content you push out daily. Make sure you define and document those roles and let the entire team in on who is responsible for what.

Establish Your Content Production Workflow

An established content production workflow improves your team’s efficiency in moving assets from ideation to publication. Divvy’s platform allows you to incorporate your workflow into the content workspace, assigning tasks and implementing deadlines for each piece.

Additionally, we lighten your team’s load with workflow automation. You can also use our workflow builder template to guide your thought process for each content type you produce.

Maintain Visibility Across the Process

Cultivating a content culture requires visibility and accountability at each stage of the process. It improves accountability when team members understand who is responsible for which tasks. It’s also essential to ensure everyone knows where a piece is in the content production process.

DivvyHQ Sandbox - Production Schedule - Workflow Automation

Example: DivvyHQ Sandox

Divvy’s sandbox increases visibility for each asset. Team members know the deadlines for each task and when each is completed, removing the guessing game or the need to continually follow up with team members to find out when they’ve finished their tasks.

Keep Communications Flowing

Do you get tired of missed calls and texts or buried emails that recipients never respond to? Yeah, we did too. An active content culture depends on open and smooth communications.

We’ve got you covered. With Divvy, you can ditch disjointed communications tools for one streamlined system. Your team can send messages from within the platform and set up instant notifications. Say goodbye to collaboration and communication chaos.

Acknowledge Successes and Adapt to Improve

Often, content operations teams get so focused on the processes they forget to pat themselves on the back for a job well done! You can motivate your team and create a greater sense of cohesion by celebrating successes. Our analytics tools reveal successes with just a few clicks. Share them with your team so they know what they’re doing right.

On the other hand, when specific content elements underperform, don’t let your crew continue down a path that doesn’t work. Instead, pivot and adapt, allowing your team to grow and evolve rather than spin its wheels.

How Do You Get the Content Culture Ball Rolling?

If you’re ready to turn content chaos into content culture, Divvy is here to help. Ditch the siloed content campaign approach for a more effective process using our platform to get the ball rolling and keep it moving. Request a demo to see how we eliminate mayhem from the content production process.

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