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Our development team has been hard at work squashing bugs and adding enhancements to DivvyHQ, largely based on the expert feedback we’ve been receiving from our users. So without further ado, here’s a breakdown of what we’ve been tinkering with this past week:

Dead Bugs

  • WYSIWYG Issues – Some of you have been experiencing issues with content saving in the WYSIWYG editor. Some content would be cut off, some would save, the rest would not, etc. Sorry about that! We  fixed it. Now, you should not have problems with copying and pasting from Word or anything else for that matter. Be sure to use the “Paste Plain Text” and “Paste from Word” buttons to make sure it ignores the funky Microsoft code that tends to hide in your clipboard’s suitcase.
  • WYSIWYG Character Limit – And while we’re on the subject of the WYSIWYG editor, we upped the character limit from 2000 characters to 16 million. If you happen to hit the that limit, we want to know about it, because you deserve a prize for writing the longest piece of content ever!
  • Session Timeout – We also increased the timeout limit to 40 minutes. So if you are on a page without saving, or doing anything, the page will remain active for 40 minutes.

Feature Enhancements

  • “Send To” Multiple Users – Our user group asked us for the ability to send content items to more than one person. Now, when you click “Send To” you will be able to check multiple people who will get an email stating they have content to review.


  • No More Blank Slate – When new people sign up for a DivvyHQ account, there’s now some helpful content already plugged in. Every new account comes with two helpful “Getting Started” content items and a Parking Lot item that explains how to use the DivvyHQ Parking Lot. We’ve also added some Recent Activity notes that explain how the Recent Activity section works. If you’ve had questions about this feature, please refer to our post about it.
  • Email Assistant is “On” by Default – Also for our new users, the DivvyHQ Email Assistant now defaults to “on.” So new users will receive emails about deadlines and status changes by default and can manage the frequency of those emails in My Account>Email Settings.

So that was our week in a nutshell! Please continue giving us your feedback, and we’ll continue to build a great editorial calendar tool for you.

DivvyHQ Team Out!

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