Scaling Your Marketing Strategy in Times of Growth

Hitting a plateau in business is hardly pleasant. Although the times you’re “stuck” may present many learning opportunities, you still want to strive for continual growth. That’s where scaling your marketing strategy comes in.

How you scale your marketing strategy significantly contributes to how your business evolves. But the hard part is accomplishing more with your marketing budget without more money and resources.

Keep reading for how to scale your marketing strategy successfully in times of growth despite such a huge challenge.

Get Your Team on the Same Page and Brainstorm

Readying your team for what’s to come is essential for scaling your marketing strategy. Everyone will likely need to take on some additional responsibilities. It’s integral to ensure they’re ready to take on the challenge.

Also, there are various routes to take when scaling your marketing strategy. Narrowing those routes down to the most beneficial ones is key. So, sit down with your team and brainstorm different approaches to scaling.

Enter your brainstorming session with a clear objective and allow everyone to share their perspective and ideas. Once all of the ideas are out on the table, take a vote to see which ones to proceed with. Ensure you’re making the most profitable decisions, as the success of your scaling efforts depends on it.

Also, don’t forget about the data.

See What the Data Tells You

scaling your marketing - dig into your analytics data

As you brainstorm how to approach scaling with your team, it’s critical to look at any marketing-related data you’ve collected thus far. What does it tell you about the effectiveness of your current strategy? Where are your areas for improvement? What does it reveal about how you’ve allocated resources?

Dig into the data and draw meaningful insights from it that prompt productive decisions about how to move forward with your marketing strategy.

When you and your team decide on the best approaches to scaling your marketing strategy, it’s time to document precisely what you will do.

Document What You’re Going to Do

Winging it when scaling your marketing strategy isn’t a good idea. An unorganized, unclear blueprint won’t generate the results you’re looking for. Nor will it do your team any good.

Instead, you must document what you’re going to do.

Write down your goals and how you will measure your progress toward them. Detail each team’s role, as well as the responsibilities of each team member. Ensure you’ve described the steps to achieve your vision for scaling your marketing strategy.

Document exactly how you will scale your marketing strategy so that you and your team remain productive and focused throughout the process.

Adjust Your Systems and Technology

Adjusting your systems and the tech tools you use is critical in your efforts to scale your marketing strategy. If you want to improve your results and how your marketing team works together, you must have technology and systems that allow for it.

Audit your current systems, software, and tech tools. Which do you want to keep, and what must you replace to scale your marketing strategy? When you decide which systems and technology you need to replace, prioritize them by importance.

Then, look at your budget to determine which tool to replace first. Also, factor in the time it will take to implement the tool and train your team on how to use it properly.

Adjust your systems and technology to make your team’s workflow and processes more effective in times of growth.

Prioritize Personalization

The systems and technology you implement should also help you prioritize personalization. Consumers hold a personalized experience with a brand in high regard, so long as it doesn’t cross any boundaries.

The best way to improve personalization is through data collection. That said, collecting and using consumer data must be done ethically. The last thing you want to do is break the trust between you and your customers because you’re misusing their data.

Find the sweet spot between privacy and personalization. Be transparent about what data you’re collecting, why, and how you’re collecting it. Give your audience the option to opt-out of data collection or choose what’s collected. Also, refrain from gathering data you don’t need.

Then, use the data to enhance the experience your customers have with your marketing content.

Elevate Your Content

Prioritizing personalization is a solid step in the direction of elevated content. It is crucial to provide your customers with interactive, innovative content that speaks to who they are, what they’re going through, and helps them solve a critical issue in their lives.

Successfully scaling your marketing strategy in times of growth relies on your ability to take your content to the next level without adding expenses. Determining ways to repurpose, refresh, and reuse old content is a brilliant starting point.

Work with your team to see which individuals are up for creating more content. If no one has the extra bandwidth to add more content creation to their workload, consider outsourcing the task to freelancers and contract workers if it’s in your budget.

Elevating your content is a critical ingredient in the secret sauce that helps you scale your marketing strategy successfully.

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