Introducing the 2018 Content Planning Report

There’s a saying I like, originally attributed to Henry Ford and often repurposed in various forms since, which says:

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

The spirit of this remark rings true for content marketers. Sure, we might be competing — for attention share, search rankings, even customers — but ultimately, we all benefit when our discipline as a whole advances.

It’s with this mindset that we’re proud to unveil the 2018 Content Planning Report. In partnership with TopRank Marketing, we polled nearly 400 of your peers (maybe you were even one of them!) and tapped into the minds of prominent thought leaders such as Carla Johnson, Michael Brenner and Tamsen Webster, distilling the most critical insights into this thorough overview and breakdown.

The 2018 Content Planning Report - Download Now!

By reading this report, you’ll be able to benchmark and contextually analyze your own content planning efforts across various dimensions (strategy, workflow, collaboration, tools, metrics, etc.). With a better understanding of where the industry stands at a high level, your team will be equipped to climb the maturity scale and elevate your operation.

Among the key questions in which you’ll find answered in this free download:

  • What are the most prevalent successes, challenges, and strategies in content planning?
  • Which content marketing tactics are used most in 2018?
  • How do other content leaders inform their strategies?
  • Which barriers hold back content collaboration?
  • How many teams rely on content calendars, and to what extent?
  • Which metrics are most commonly used to measure content effectiveness?
  • Which practices have paid dividends for some of the most successful content teams?

As Rob Glickman, CMO of Arm Treasure Data, asserts in the report: “An ‘ad hoc’ content strategy is not strategic.”

He’s right. So let’s get away from the ad hoc model. With the data and recommendations inside this sleek 32-page ebook, you can join the movement toward a more strategic, sophisticated and streamlined state of content planning. Then, success will take care of itself.

Download the 2018 Content Planning Report and let’s get to work.