Announcing DivvyHQ’s 2017 Research Report: Content Planning Challenges, Trends & Opportunities

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It doesn’t matter whether you work in B2B or B2C marketing, the way your audience consumes content today won’t be the same tomorrow. The technology available is simply moving too fast. To avoid becoming obsolete, we must evolve. The ways in which we disseminate information, news, media, products, or (anything else for that matter) must keep pace with consumers.

But how do content professionals plan for change, when we don’t exactly know what changes are on the horizon? It’s a question that plagues many marketers today.

It’s also exactly why we set out to execute our first ever original research initiative, 2017 Research Report: Content Planning Challenges, Trends & Opportunities.

In this free downloadable research report, we uncovered staggering content planning trends including:

  • 28% of marketers do not have regular content planning meetings
  • Just 7% of marketers meet all of their content planning objectives
  • 80% of successful planners use online planning tools

In addition to polling top marketers on what’s working and what’s not, we reached out to leading content marketing minds who weighed in on how to best address these challenges.

Here’s a taste of their insights:

“Knowing audience needs is the only way to ensure planning efforts are impactful.” Click To Tweet

Robert Rose – Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute

“Slow the $@$% down. Ground marketing & content strategy in something substantive.” Click To Tweet

Ann Handley – Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

“Marketers can improve content planning by not planning each piece of content.” Click To Tweet

Michael Brenner – Founder, Marketing Insider Group

“The best content plans embrace the creative tension of diverse perspectives.” Click To Tweet

Maggie Schneider Huston – Senior Content Manager, UPS

“Content has 2 clients; external audience needs & the internal audience objectives.” Click To Tweet

Carlos Abler – Leader – Content Marketing & Strategy, 3M

“The most important thing I track is the waterfall of leads (first click to revenue).” Click To Tweet

Chris Moody – Content Marketing Leader, GE Digital

“We made an effort to engage our local audience & turn them into ambassadors.” Click To Tweet

Janette Maack – Digital Marketing Manager, Visit Vacaville

In our report, you’ll get access to dozens of exclusive industry statistics, planning tips from our team, and insights from top thinkers, all to help you improve your content today. Are you ready to modernize your content planning today to meet the customer demands of tomorrow?

Download the research report to get started.

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