Repurposing Video Content: A Whole New Ball Game

Video content is hot and shows no signs of slowing down, with 91% of people indicating that they’d be happy if brands provided more of it. Creating videos is no longer optional if you want to keep up with your audience’s preferences and get ahead of the competition.

However, we all know how much work it takes to move a video from ideation to publication. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get more mileage from it while also scoring more points with customers? The good news is, you can!

Just as you can repurpose a blog post into other content types, you can repurpose video content. Let’s explore how to turn your marketing game pitcher into an all-star utility player.

What Does It Mean To Repurpose Video Content?

Content repurposing usually involves turning one asset into multiple content pieces you can publish across channels. Though video content steals the limelight as the marketing MVP these days, your target audience doesn’t necessarily have the same content and channel preferences. You need to push content out to multiple channels to reach prospects and customers where they are.

Additionally, when you invest so much time, energy, and money into a single content piece, getting more out of it than a single showing is a good thing. Video is popular on multiple marketing channels. Repurposing video content allows you to re-use the footage without sharing the same asset and earning a foul on social media.

Video content is the most popular format, but when you repurpose video content, you can turn it into other media forms.

Source: Hubspot

DivvyHQ provides tools for managing video content and tracking its performance across audience segments and campaigns. Your team still needs to put their creative muscles to work and expend time and energy into developing multiple assets from a video. But the investment is much less than creating the same amount of content from scratch.

What Should You Consider Before You Repurpose Video Content?

Before you generate new content from a video, you need to know what you want to achieve with it. Anything your team develops should align with your content strategy and campaign goals.

Divvy’s platform helps you plan content that meets company and marketing objectives. We also provide campaign management tools, including a campaign workflow feature that helps you execute campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

As you plan your repurposing strategy, consider which aspects of your brand’s messaging in the video meet with your target audience on various channels. You should also determine which channels and content formats each segment prefers.

Once you iron out the details, use Divvy’s calendar to schedule your content and our content workflow tools to assign tasks and deadlines.

You can also associate metadata with each content piece — including target audience, campaign, buyer stage, and publishing channels — providing an easy way to filter content on the calendar and conduct performance analytics.

How Do You Repurpose Video Content?

You can leverage video content to create content in almost every other type of format you already produce, though some take more creativity and effort than others. Here are a few ideas for generating more value from one video, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

Short-Form Videos

The easiest way to repurpose a video is to convert a long-form format into a short-form format. Most consumers like short videos, with 52% preferring ones that last only three minutes or less.

Consider editing a longer video to create short-form content for:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram and Facebook Reels
  • Instagram and Facebook Stories
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Pinterest Video Pins

When you repurpose video content into a shorter form for a social media platform, remember to check the platform’s viewing dimensions and adjust the new video to fit. You can communicate sizing instructions to your team using Divvy’s workflow tools, asset details, or a message in the asset workspace.

With 52% of consumers preferring videos that are three minutes or less, try repurposing video content into short-form.

Source: Hubspot

Video Ads

Another simple option is to turn your video into an ad. An explainer video is almost ready-made for an ad, with few tweaks needed. Testimonials also work well as video ads. To maximize impact, you can overlay text, create a new intro, and provide a compelling call to action.


If your videos aren’t dependent on visual props or graphics, you can easily repurpose video content into a podcast. As long as you have professional-quality audio, all you need to do is convert it into an audio file and upload it to your podcast platform.

Short Social Media Posts

Mine your videos for golden nuggets, short quotes you can extract and turn into text-based social media posts. You can also use stills from the video as background for the text, extract graphics, or create GIFs.

On LinkedIn and Instagram, carousels have a higher engagement (1.92%) rate than single images (1.74%). If you can pull multiple high-quality images that tell a story, you can repurpose video content into a carousel of photos (and short-form videos) for your LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.


Infographics are a content marketing power player, with 55% of marketers using them for social media posts more than any other content format. Pull vital statistics, charts, graphs, definitions, descriptions, graphics, and images to create a visually appealing snapshot or overview.

Infographics are highly consumable, providing a visual for the most pertinent information in your video. They are also sharable, which means your content may reach an even broader audience.

Blog Posts

Blogs are still relevant and widely read, so it makes sense to repurpose video content into a blog post. You can either transcribe the video and edit it to make it readable, break the information up into multiple posts, or expand on particular elements for an in-depth perspective.

Divvy includes an editor that allows writers to craft and editors to revise inside the platform. All team members can also communicate with one another about a specific asset within its chosen workspace.

How Soon Can You Get Started Using DivvyHQ To Repurpose Video Content?

If you’re ready to eliminate content chaos to get more out of your content marketing efforts, DivvyHQ is prepared to get to work for you. We work diligently to build a system tailored to your needs and get it up and running as quickly as possible. Our platform is intuitive, so your team can repurpose video content almost immediately! Request a demo to get a quick tour.

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