The Responsibility that Comes With Winning Top Honors at Content Marketing World 2017

Over the past weeks we have been wading through our pile of free schwag, business cards, and new LinkedIn contacts from Content Marketing World. Oh, and we’ve also been jumping up and down furiously screaming like teenage girls, “We won the audience choice award again! Yippeeeee!”

In all seriousness, we were completely floored and humbled to win both the audience choice award for top content creation and workflow platform AND be named the #1 content marketing software by Content Marketing Institute. Here’s a little recap video in case you couldn’t join us at the event:

Over the past weeks we have been talking about what this means for our organization, and each conversation has led back to the same conclusion; we have a responsibility to keep getting better for our customers. Awards are great, and they validate all the hard work, but this is a young industry and there’s still so much to do. 

Part of that mission is educating content marketers, social media professionals, and enterprise organizations and connecting you with today’s content marketing experts. With this in mind, here are some insights and presentations from some of our favorite Content Marketing World speakers this year.

Our Top-3 Sessions from Content Marketing World 2017

Robert Rose: Becoming an Audience Company

“We need to value audiences in a different way to drive our organizations. Audiences are an asset to the business that we can grow.”
Robert Rose, Founder, The Content Advisory

Carla Johnson: From Boring to Brilliant with B2B Content

“Bad pitches kill great ideas. Every great idea needs support to go somewhere.”
Carla Johnson, Keynote Speaker, Type A Communications

Tim Washer: Improv Rules for B2B Storytelling

“Trust your audience. Use explanations and transitions sparingly. They slow down the energy of a story.”
Tim Washer, Creative Director, Cisco

More to Come

While at Content Marketing World, the DivvyHQ team interviewed an amazing group of brand marketers from such brands as Cisco, Citrix, LinkedIn, SAP, Electrolux and Cleveland Clinic. These interviews will be published here on our blog over the coming weeks and we’re so excited to share their insights with you. 

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Photo Credit: Lee Odden