The Top 12 Content Marketing How-To Videos

As a content marketer, you already know that the field is ever-changing. Content marketing encompasses so many tactics and channels that keeping up to date on trends and changes is critical. One of the best ways to refresh your content strategy for 2022 is by tuning into content marketing how-to videos.

We scoured the web to find those that we think will deliver the most tactical and relevant information to jumpstart the year ahead! Check out this library of videos that are sure to provide you with tips and takeaways.

Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

This video looks at eight reasons why your content marketing isn’t working:

  • Lack of content strategy or one that’s not working.
  • Content that’s not hitting the mark either because it’s low-quality or irrelevant to your audience.
  • Bad presentation of content on your website.
  • Competition is fierce.
  • Not promoting your content successfully.
  • You give up too early.
  • Your domain doesn’t have a high authority score.
  • No consistency in your efforts.

Watch the video below.

A Simple Content Marketing Formula

This video is part of The Loyalty Loop with Andrew Davis. In the episode, Davis offers a great storytelling framework around how to build trust with audiences and inspire them to buy anything. The three concepts are:

  • Set expectations with the audience and deliver on them.
  • Create content with a hook.
  • Power your brand with a person — someone with whom your audience can build a relationship.

Check out the video below:

What Is Content Marketing?

This video is ideal for beginners and is part of the SEMrush Academy. You could also share it with stakeholders that might not understand the difference between content marketing and advertising. The short but informative video covers:

  • Aspects of content marketing
  • Benefits of content marketing
  • Examples of content marketing
  • Why content analytics and data matter

It’s the first lesson of 12, so be sure to check out the others, too. SEMrush’s course is free!

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Content Planning from Structure to Execution

Your content plan is what happens after you develop your strategy. It’s executing on your goals and objectives. It can be tricky to navigate from strategy to planning. In this video, you can learn about key best practices and processes that can accelerate and standardize planning.

Get planning tips here:

Google Analytics for Content Marketing

This content marketing how-to video takes on the topic of Google Analytics. Tracking and measuring content performance is a common challenge for content teams. Data, however, is critical in understanding content marketing ROI and attribution. You can also learn from data regarding what content is the most successful.

This video will require about an hour of your time, but it’s worth the view. It covers page views, average time on page, pages per session, cohort analysis, and more. It’s laser-focused on looking at metrics that correlate to content marketing. It stands out from other Google Analytics videos because it’s so specific.

Watch the video:

Insights from CMI’s Content Marketing B2B Research

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) publishes an annual study on B2B content marketing. It’s full of nuggets of wisdom about the content marketing landscape. In this video, experts break down the latest results to deliver insights for content marketers.

View the conversation:

Effective Methods of Measuring Content Marketing

This is another performance-related topic on the list. Since content marketing measurement can be such a complex space. It all starts with setting goals and then goes into granular ways that can provide you with the best and easiest approaches to measurement.

View the methods here:

Content Marketing Tips to Save Time

In this video, you’ll learn about six ways that can save you time in content marketing. If your team works more efficiently, they’ll be more productive.

The content creation tips include:

  • Focus the most on one or two social channels most relevant to your audience.
  • Write promotional content at the same time as the blog post or long-form format.
  • Use the Facebook save feature that triggers your interest inspiration
  • Splinter your content into multiple articles.
  • Create an end time for creating content without endless editing.
  • Try creative sprints for a set time.

Learn more by watching the video:

Principles of Successful B2B Content Marketing

B2B companies have somewhat unique approaches to content marketing. However, you’re still marketing to a person. This video includes five principles that successful B2B content marketers leverage.

Explore the principles here:

B2B Marketing Trends

What are the most important B2B marketing trends that could impact your business in the next year? This video looks at four unique ones, including:

  • Content marketing boosted by the Internet of Behaviors (IoB)
  • Delivering experiences with content marketing
  • Using hyperautomation
  • How real-time marketing empowers the B2B customer journey

Check out the trends here:

LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Content Marketing

Most B2B content marketers heavily favor LinkedIn as a distribution and advertising channel. B2B buyers use the platform to research solutions and consume educational content. Creating a strategy around how you use LinkedIn could improve your engagement and results. In this video, you’ll learn about three effective LinkedIn strategies in just three minutes.

Watch it now:

How to Scale Content Creation

Scaling content creation is a goal and challenge for enterprise content teams. Scaling issues can arise from not establishing content workflows, a lack of resources, and inconsistent processes. In this video from Ahrefs, you can learn about the most efficient way to scale without impacting quality.

Find scaling tips here:

Content Marketing How-To Videos: What Are Your Favorites?

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