[Slideshare] The 10 Ingredients of a Successful Content Initiative

As a visual supplement to our recent ebook, The Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative, the Divvy team has created a slideshare presentation that outlines the 10 ingredients that, when combined, make up an ideal recipe for launching successful content marketing programs. If your company is hungry for this, bon appétit!

Quick Intro

If you were to walk into the kitchen of a popular restaurant, you’d meet a head chef who has carefully crafted a menu that customers will love. You’d see a myriad of cooks at their designated stations, executing their role in crafting each dish. You’d see a kitchen manager that ensures the food is served hot, and the kitchen doesn’t run out of necessary ingredients. And lastly, you’d see that each cook is using a set of tools (utensils, knives, pots, pans, ovens, stoves, etc.) that ensures efficiency and high-quality output.


While it may sound like a stretch to correlate the inner workings of a restaurant to that of a marketing team, the parallels are closer than you might think. All too often, marketers are cooking up content without paying attention to what their customers are hungry for. They’re not planning for the long haul, and they’re running out of fresh ideas before their content channels have had a chance to produce results. Poor planning and inefficient production processes are resulting in missed deadlines or low-quality content that gets pushed out the door. And marketing teams are making the process even harder by using the wrong tools throughout the content process.

That Was Just an Appetizer

Our ebook (the main course) digs deeper into these topics and provides proven guidance to help you plan your next content initiative. We also provide a planning worksheet that can be used to guide strategy discussions with your team. At the end of the day, we want our customers and subscribers to be more efficient and effective, so we hope that you will find value in these assets.

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Download the ebook today and let us know what you think!