Redefining the Funnel: 3 Tips that Drive Sales

 In Content Marketing

Marketing funnels aren’t simple, linear paths any longer. Companies can’t just set up their funnels once and watch the leads roll in forever. They need to accept that consumers are in complete control and leverage digital content if they want their businesses to grow.

The traditional sales funnel was built to anticipate the customer’s purchase journey, from initial brand contact to the moment a sale is made. This model may still work for some industries, but others need a more agile, tailored approach.

Prospects don’t necessarily follow a linear purchase path, which is why brands need to reach them at multiple inspiration points. A solid content strategy is the most effective way to accomplish this goal — publishing articles on a diverse range of topics enables companies to be there when customers need answers.

Read the the full article authored by Divvy’s Co-Founder Brody Dorland on here.

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