New Year’s Content Marketing Resolutions – Wrap Up

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Your cat probably didn’t pay any attention to your Content Marketing Resolutions (mine didn’t) but we sure did! Thanks to all of those who provided us with both humorous and handy resolutions – your Divvy swag is on its way! Based off all of the submittals, this next year will be a busy one for us content marketers. Take a look for yourself!

Carla Johnson - Type A CommunicationsCarla Johnson, President of Type A Communications
(via Facebook)

Happy New Year DivvyHQ! Here are a few of my (content marketing) resolutions:

  • Helping companies understand how to organize through a content hub
  • Creating AH-MAY-ZING brand stories, not just high-quality content
  • Taking thought leadership to an entirely new level through content.

ChaseMcMichael_300pxChase McMichael, President & Ceo of InfiniGraph, Inc.
(via Twitter)

Get serious about your #ContentMarketing – @DivvyHQ is content power #collaboration #divvyresolution


Rebekah McCurley - VerifoneRebekah McCurley, Communications Specialist, Global Marketing at VeriFone
(via Facebook)

Well, since content marketing starts with an editorial calendar, getting more people onboard to use Divvy in my department would be first and foremost!!

CaseyHill_300pxCasey Hill, Strategist | Entrepreneur | Developer | Designer
(via Twitter)

DivvyHQ, I plan on trying to get a few clients to actually have a content strategy. #divvyresolution


NebraskaGamePark_300pxNebraska Game and Parks Commission
(via Facebook)

Our resolution is to have a better grasp on our content and the channels we can promote it through… And to look great in our DivvyHQ swag (if we’re not too late)!


And Finally…A few resolutions from our Co-Founder

Brody Dorland - Co-Founder, DivvyHQBrody Dorland, CEO/Co-Founder of DivvyHQ

My resolution is two-fold…one being an internal team resolution on which I want our content team to focus, and two, a resolution for our clients that will make each of them more successful. Here goes:

  1. Internal: More one-on-one conversations with our customers (impromptu interviews) to understand their content challenges and how DivvyHQ is helping them overcome those challenges.
  2. I want our customers to dig in deeper with their own customers to better understand their worlds so that they can create meaningful content that strengthens their relationships and builds trust and long-term loyalty.

What a year we have ahead of ourselves.

Thankfully, all of you are a well-organized bunch of hard workers, except for maybe Brody ;-), so your resolutions should easily come to fruition. For the rest of us here at DivvyHQ, we resolve to make sure your resolutions are easier to hit. With the upcoming Divvy 2.0 release, content marketing New Year’s resolutions will be easier to PLAN. DIVVY. CONQUER.

Have some content marketing resolutions of your own? Feel free to add them in the comments below.​


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