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We’re now 8 weeks in on our blog series, My Favorite Content Marketing Video. For a recap of previous videos, check the bottom of this post. There are many more to come, including this week’s video from Paul Roetzer, Author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint and Founder of his agency, PR 20/20. Why not subscribe to get notified of upcoming videos!

Paul Roetzer’s Favorite Content Marketing Video

There is no shortage of buzz surrounding the concept and practice of “brand storytelling” these days. We’re definitely big fans and believe it to be an important skill that content marketers should master. Many of us who have gravitated to the content creation world are natural storytellers, but trying to find and/or create authentic, impactful stories in a corporate environment can be a challenge. Luckily, we are surrounded by heroes and champions. They’re called our customers. Each have their own unique journey with your brand, and there were probably some obstacles and uncertainty along the way. Now they are living happily ever after with your product. 😉

Paul’s favorite video is a TED talk by filmmaker Andrew Stanton, screenwriter and director of such films as “Toy Story” and “WALL-E”. Stanton shares what he knows about storytelling — starting at the end and working back to the beginning. I asked Paul why this video resonated with him…

“I’m not sure exactly what it was about this video that captured my attention (for all 19+ minutes), but it’s the only time I was inspired to write a blog post after watching one!”

Warning, the video contains graphic language.

Series Recap

At the end of each post, we’ll provide a recap list of all videos in the series.

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