My Favorite Content Marketing Video: Ahava Leibtag

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Welcome back to our blog series, My Favorite Content Marketing Video! In case you’re just joining us, we’ve gathered the content marketing industry’s A-List and asked them one question: What’s your favorite content marketing video?

Last week, Jay Baer shared his favorite video produced by Sunny Lenarduzzi on “How to Get More Views on YouTube”. The DivvyHQ team even learned a lot from Sunny’s awesome tips. This week, we’re going with a video that is less how-to, and more a great example of branded video content.

Ahava Leibtag’s Favorite Content Marketing Video

Ahava LeibtagFor those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet Ahava, read her book or see her speak at a conference, she’s one of the best content strategists on the planet. As President of Aha Media Group, she’s built a strong niche in the healthcare industry, doing content strategy consulting and copywriting for many of USA’s largest hospitals and healthcare networks. She’s also a dear friend and supporter of DivvyHQ.

Quick note on this video from Ahava…

This video makes me cry every time I see it. It accurately portrays the humanity and empathy needed in healthcare—how people feel alone, lost and scared, and how we can help them. I just think it’s such a positive, beautiful piece of brand awareness that SO doesn’t feel like brand awareness—it almost feels like a social mission piece. And that’s why I love it and think it’s a world class piece of content marketing.

Cleveland Clinic – Life in 4 Minutes

Series Recap

At the end of each post, we’ll provide a recap list of all videos in the series.

A new favorite video post will be published every Friday until we run out of video submissions. If you’re reading this and have a favorite content marketing video that we should consider for the series, please submit it via our contact form and tell us why it was so valuable to you.

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