Your Content Is Clear For Takeoff…Is Your Team On Board?

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At the center of a marketing team, there is generally a person (or small group of people) who manages the flow of content. Topics, assignments and due dates are just a few of the many details to master. The people who manage those details are like Air Traffic Controllers for content. They need a system for communicating efficiently to track idea “arrivals” and content publishing “departures” — as well as delays, changes and aborted campaign takeoffs/landings!

DivvyHQ’s Control Tower

After more than two years of working at DivvyHQ, I’ve noticed a few trends. The first is that good communicators crave DivvyHQ because it offers an effective way to enhance their communication skills. Divvy is similar to the control tower, managing communication with pilots (your content team) in a specific, easy to understand format. DivvyHQ’s automated task management, like the aviation communication, has a logical order that helps keep the content moving — perhaps passing through many points of contact to its final destination.

This visual of the air traffic control tower helps me distill what DivvyHQ does best. At it’s core, DivvyHQ helps teams collaborate better and plan more efficiently to avoid content collisions or inconsistent brand messages. It boils down to better, more precise, time-saving, team communication.

If you long for better communication and fewer mid-air collisions — DivvyHQ is extremely attractive. Your content creators (your pilots) will thank you because their flight path will be clearly outlined. And if you have multiple layers of approval and/or oversight, which may feel like FAA compliance guidelines, you are in luck! Custom workflows will help guide your next content flight so it’s a smooth ride from gate to gate.

A Party for DivvyHQ Power Users

On my end, my daily emails, demos and phone calls have become a bit of a sociology experiment. And this experiment has shown me another trend. Those who are great communicators tend to understand the value of Divvy quicker, and activate their accounts faster.

Regardless of company size, nonprofit or big brand, country (we have clients in 20+ countries) or industry — good communicators are gathering around DivvyHQ’s platform. I think it would be an awesome party to get all of our DivvyHQ power users in the same room! Imagine the explosive ideas that would result from the random meetings of these heavyweight communicators. The synergies that could be sparked. The new relationships that could take flight.

Are You a Great Communicator?

Great communicators ask questions and verify their message is being received in the manner intended. Within DivvyHQ, these expert communicators often seek input on how to organize their calendars based on best practices. They suggest new features that we should implement. And most importantly, they involve their team on the trial and demos giving everyone a voice in the evaluation process. Once their account is active and their content is queued on the runway (or editorial calendar) the transparency that DivvyHQ affords helps build a cohesive team.

The Reward is Frequent but Never Gets Old

It’s a pleasure working with the great communicators of the world who become DivvyHQ customers. There is such satisfaction in talking with DivvyHQ customers of big brands, nonprofits and small companies who add team members throughout the year. When customers say, “We love Divvy. We use it a ton.” — that’s rewarding.

Hopefully, if you are the recipient of my communication (via email, LinkedIn messages, GoToMeetings, etc.) my “thank you” messages are received loud and clear. I am truly thankful to be in the company of great communicators all day long — and to be working for a company like DivvyHQ that provides a framework for excellent communication.

Your DivvyHQ account is clear for take off. Are you and your team on board?

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