Are SMBs at a Disadvantage in the Content Marketing Game?

SMBs’ content marketing game may seem to be at a disadvantage when compared to larger enterprises. It is a little like David vs. Goliath, but remember who one that one! While there are big differences in content marketing budget and resources, you can close that gap with the right strategy and tools.

While you can’t compete in dollars, there are other areas where you have the advantage, specifically in being agile and flexible.

Let’s explore how an SMB can win in the content marketing game and level the playing field.

Start with Top-Down Commitment

For your business to succeed at content marketing, it needs top-down support. Leadership must be on board. When that occurs, you can build a culture where content is an asset and revenue generator, not a cost center.

You can get stakeholders on board to invest in content production by referring to your content analytics. These can reveal how content contributes to conversions and sales.

Executives need to understand that investing in content marketing leads to more conversions and more sales. If you don’t have these to share yet, offer these content marketing ROI facts:

Nothing gets buy-in like facts that prove the value of content marketing.

Why Top-Down Commitment Matters

Once executives are all-in on content marketing, your team no longer must prove its worth every day. They can focus on producing relevant, engaging content consistently.

This is an area where SMBs’ content marketing efforts have the advantage. In larger companies, there are so many layers of leadership. The battle with conflicting opinions and priorities keeps content teams feeling defeated.

Additionally, public companies playing the role of Goliath in this scenario always have to focus on the stock price. Thus, the expectation is that every aspect of marketing needs to generate revenue. Content marketing is capable of this, but it’s a long-term strategy.

SMBs are more dynamic and tend to have a flatter hierarchy. Executives are much more open to building a brand based on high-quality content. They are also more active in the brand’s development. The pressure for immediate returns isn’t on a countdown to the next earnings report.

What About the Benjamins?

SMB Content Marketing - small budget

Let’s face it, the giants in your industry have a budget that dwarfs yours. They can have a larger content marketing team, pay them well, offer lots of resources, and invest further in various initiatives.

The good news is that content marketing doesn’t need a six- or seven-figure budget to drive results. You can put money to use in more tactical ways, such as automation technology to eliminate manual tasks.

A documented content marketing strategy is the most critical aspect of delivering effective content marketing that doesn’t depend on a large spend. If you have technology and strategy in place, you can compete with anyone!

Money isn’t what makes content marketing successful. Never has been, never will be.

Sure, more money buys a lot of exposure, but that doesn’t always translate to revenue. Strategy and planning will offer more opportunities than dollars.

Can a Lean Team Produce Enough Content?

Corporations have large content teams, so it would seem they have production in the bag. That’s not always the case.

Production of content comes down to planning and executing based on the resources you have. SMBs also don’t have an obligation to crank out as much content as the Goliaths. Focus on quality, not quantity. However, you do want to set a content frequency goal for monthly production. The best way to accomplish this is with a dynamic content calendar and workflows.

There are other ways to keep production consistent, like repurposing content into different formats and leveraging automation for publishing, distribution, approvals, and analytics.

With technology, these once manual tasks now require little intervention. Your lean team can focus on creating new content to capture audiences. After all, better content delivers a better customer experience, and that’s important to you as an SMB.

Workflow Pros: SMBs Get Content to Market Faster

SMB Content Marketing - faster workflow

The big players in the industry certainly have workflows. But how productive are they really? They likely hit more roadblocks in the process from idea to publication. Projects get held up in the review process, especially if legal and compliance must weigh in. These workflows are slow and inefficient.

How long do you think content marketers wait to get an okay from legal? Counsel isn’t going to prioritize content marketing. Thus, projects remain in review purgatory.

Advantage, SMBs! The workflow to approval is probably much smoother with little friction. With the executive buy-in you cultivated, anybody who needs to approve content will do so promptly.

You can keep buzzing along, turning over new content much quicker and without the barriers. Even as you grow, streamline approvals with a software tool so that it never becomes a headache.

Reacting Fast to Industry News

No matter your industry, there are outside forces that could impact everything you do. When they happen, who is going to be able to turn an industry event into content faster?

That’s you, the SMB again. Big companies move too slow to be timely. They have to rely on that review process, with multiple people combing through every word for liability reasons. Once it finally gets the okay, the opportunity is gone.

You’re nimble and more in tune with what’s happening in your space. Use this to your advantage and get your story, opinion, or guidance out that addresses what just happened.

SMBs Content Marketing: Take the Advantage with Strategy, Tools, and Process

You have every opportunity to out-content your bigger competitors. With a strategy, tools, and processes in place, you can make your small team mighty. One of the best ways to do that is with content marketing software from DivvyHQ.

Don’t be the underdog in the game of content marketing. Try DivvyHQ for free today.